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  1. Thank you. That is very reassuring. We are supposed to hire the boat at 09:30, but I have no idea when we will really be underway. We will either moor the first night before the aquaduct like you did, or head straight over depending on crowds and how early we get there. I can't imagine crossing the aquaduct without taking some time to walk around it, so spending the afternoon and night moored up on the Chirk side might be a feature rather than a bug.
  2. Thank you all. As the nervous OP, I think I'd prefer falling off the aquaduct to holding a crowd up whilst flailing ineptly in a winding hole. Would I avoid that fate by mooring in Llangollen or Trever Basin? I like the idea of entering Llangollen when it's less crowded but we pick the boat up in the morning on a Wednesday in Chirk, and must return it a week later on Tuesday, so being in Llangollen over the weekend looks impractical. Would it be less crowded for us in the narrows if we tied up before the Aquaduct early Wednesday afternoon; spent the day walking the aquduct and walking down to see it from the valley; and then did the trip over early morning Thursday? Or could we accomplish the same thing by overnighting in Trever Basin and then going in and out of Llangollen Thursday morning?
  3. Hi, my husband and I have never narrowboated. We are renting a boat from Black Prince on a Wednesday morning for a week in mid September starting at Chirk Marina. Is it crazy to head straight for Llangollen? Or should we head towards Elsemere first and tackle Llangollen and the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct at the end of our trip when we have more miles under our belts? We know will have the Chirk Tunnel and Aquaduct shortly if we head towards Elsemere.
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