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    A very difficult situation to find yourself in and I feel for you. You love your boat and have many happy memories of time spent on board. Bite the bullet and sell it now while she is in good condition and not suffering from lack of use/maintenance. That way you will protect those memories of happy times. Keep it another year and the paintwork will be deteriating, there will be dust and possible the start of mould growth inside, the spiders will have taken over and those little jobs you do each time you spend time on board will have run away into a long list of things you need to do before you can start to enjoy using the boat. You do not want this to sulley your happy memories. Hire it out and someone else will fail to do all those little jobs so they still mount up, they will spill red wine on the furnishings, they will cut their vegetables on the worktop instead of using a chopping board, they won't bother to clean the oven and your bird identification guide will go missing. In addition to this it will have cost you a fortune to get the boat ready to legally rent it out. You do not want those memories Life moves on and sometimes it moves in a direction we would prefer it not to. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to things we love. It is hard but we treasure the happy memories and given time the grief subsides. I wish you well
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    I am sorry but you were, and are, coming across as inexperienced and worse still, arrogant. The help you were offered early in the post was given in good part by people who have done this before. It's for you, as the one asking the question, to listen and sift through the information without getting arsy because that helps no-one, especially you. The equipment you need to go to sea - it's trivial compared to the experience and knowledge you need, and once you have that knowledge you won't need to ask about the equipment. Equipment is only as good as the person using it and you don't give the impression you would even know how to deploy an anchor, use a VHF competently or legally, use a lifejacket safely. What is your experience of MOB procedures? You are coming across as the kind of arrogant know-it-all that we see weekly in the newspapers being rescued by the RNLI because they thought they knew a whole lot more than they do.
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    Progressive Wash Creator = A boat that is travelling too fast. That certainly makes me stressed when boating!
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    I'm working on that. update from the hospital is that he's seeing with both eyes already.
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    Poke the balloon into the bottle leaving the neck sticking out, blow it up quite hard, tie a knot in the neck and poke it in .
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    If you are considering option 3 why not go the whole hog and get full traction 2 volt cell forklift batts, I was quoted less than that for 560 amph at 5 hour rate includes all the cables from pb battery services, they probably do smaller banks as well to fit in your rack. Neil
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    Last year when you went to sell your boat the "event" dictated by realisation of your wifes deteriorating health and all the emotions at this time painful and fresh. mum had severe RA and i witnessed the daily struggle to carry on and sacrifices made. In her case she gave up cake decorating then driving and finally training her beloved dogs and she was a brilliant dog trainer but she always replaced one focus with another. For a while she distance trained them using disability scooters and dad got her one she could use on the fields. This year its another year distant from that time so you may find that with time your wife is beginning to realise would perhaps be best to let go of this dream and find one thats more achievable. Its tough and RA a horrible painful disease. Have you tried a cruise? I know its not the same but disabled people cope very well on board and if, as you say you only managed one trip on the boat then perhaps this could substitute in some way. I think handing your boat over as a hire could be quite painful, I would hate strangers on mine. It also sounds quite complicated. Good Luck
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    At last! Someone else who has read the book!
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    How trite and maybe even twee. I'd argue that completely the opposite is true. You cast your vote and validate that system by your participation and you have no right whatsoever to complain.
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    Hello Dave, There's an infamous marina owner along the Rufford Arm whom shall remain anonymous (Alan Mawdsely), who allegedly accepted a deposit from an owner of a 70 foot narrowboat to take one of his available berths, even though he knew that the boat would not be able to navigate that stretch of the L&L. When the unfortunate boat owner attempted to cruise down the arm and realised that it wasn't possible, he complained to Mawdsely whose typical response was; "You should have known better!". It's quite some time since we've been back along that way, but I believe this character's other marina at Scarisbrick is under subscribed, is it any wonder? Mike
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