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In Topic: What is a alternator to battery charger?

Today, 10:59 AM

I just sold this one.




I never had it working right but my mate has one running good on his boat and he gets about 60 - 70 amps out of it when he runs his engine.

In Topic: Do Springers create less wash?

Today, 01:28 AM

A v bottom might not cause as much as a flat bottom but you still get boaters looking at how fast you are going thinking you are a boy racer telling you to slow down.

They don't even know what waves you have left behind but when they are shouting and telling you off all you can see on a springer is a mouth moving up and down.

I just wave at them lol.

In Topic: Outback FM80

Yesterday, 09:33 PM

That should be fine. The important thing is that it is make before break, so you won't momentarily disconnect the batteries whilst the solar is in full flow, which might damage the controller. For this reason make sure you don't put the switch to OFF.

Thanks I get what you mean.

In Topic: Do Springers create less wash?

Yesterday, 09:14 PM


Is that your boat in both images?

Yes the 1st is what it looked like when we bought it and that last pic is what it looks like now.

In Topic: Outback FM80

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

I would add both banks together but one is gel and one is acid.


I want 2 switches one between the solar and both banks and one between the inverter and both banks.