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In Topic: Beermats

Yesterday, 01:10 PM

Beermats used to be supplied free to pubs, not any more.

In Topic: If it looks to good to be true etc etc etc.

Yesterday, 08:17 AM

Scammers normally pick a location in the far-flung corners of the country to stop potential buyers from requesting to actually view the item.  

In Topic: Webasto. Direct to starter battery

20 August 2014 - 08:42 AM

Ours is connected directly to our 12V leisure bank and yes, they don't like reduced voltages one bit.


However there's not much else connected to them as most things are off the 24V bank so can't really comment on when other loads are applied but when the batteries were a little tried and needing replacing the thing was very grumpy.

In Topic: Worst Hire Boat Company

20 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

A few years back we hired twice in the space of a year from a hire company with multiple bases around the country.


One base asked "have you done this before?" and when I answered "yes" the lad doing the hand-over said "well I'll just let you get on with it then." However I actually stopped him stepping off the boat and requested that he show us where things were, how to light the boiler, etc and in fairness he then went through the whole boat with us although I feel that if I hadn't asked, I wouldn't have received anything more than a "have a good trip".


The second base however were extremely thorough and took us through the boat, sat us down and went through a lot of theory.  No matter how much of "I know how a lock works" from me would stop the guy from finishing his talk.  He then took us up and down the canal a bit to see how we got on steering and winding.  He did say when getting off the boat that he probably didn't need to take me through all that and in future if he saw us again he'd just let us go after showing us the boat but in the past when he'd asked hirers whether they have done it before they've said yes but it turned out that they'd maybe just had a dayboat with friends several years previous.


19 August 2014 - 02:08 PM

Are you Jeff Vader?