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In Topic: Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

Today, 02:35 PM

From Facebook:


"our boat may be heading to Atherstone locks, we are on our way, please keep an eye out and if you see a lock keeper could you inform him. We will be there in 20mins approx, thanks all so much!" 


This was 45 mins ago, presumably heading south.


Already mentioned on this thread.

In Topic: Boat sunk at Droitwich - man has died

Today, 01:44 PM

I quite agree about going back for pets but he'd already got his mother and the dog off but went back for the money he had on the boat.

In Topic: Boat sunk at Droitwich - man has died

Today, 01:28 PM


And never enter a sinking boat as you never know how fast it's going to sink.


I think that's the key here.


Had he not gone back into the boat he'd be still here now.

In Topic: Rudder design to prevent getting caught up.

Today, 08:35 AM

What, like this?



In Topic: Trouble at Sainsburys mooring in Kidderminster

Yesterday, 09:30 AM

I've had a 6D Maglite for years but can't remember the last time I carried it, it's so pain in the ass heavy! :)