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In Topic: Stoke Bruerne Village at War 2014

Today, 01:05 PM

It has to be done!


"Catrin", as captured by Lynda Payton, (click for larger version, it seems - I wish I understood Flickr!)


15051944118_c6476e8c33_s.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by ShepherdMoon, on Flickr


When grabbing the link on Flickr, choose the size you want in the box above the box with the url in it smile.png




15051944118_c6476e8c33_z.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by ShepherdMoon, on Flickr

In Topic: Replacing unusual roof vents

Today, 11:49 AM

Linked to the photos for you.


15069941727_c09760e271_z.jpgimage by Artyfartybartyboo, on Flickr


15233499256_cdd106a43a_z.jpgimage by Artyfartybartyboo, on Flickr


15256509555_cb1db69862_z.jpgimage by Artyfartybartyboo, on Flickr

In Topic: River Class butty 'Hay'

Today, 11:32 AM

A Geordie pair?


I did think that, but surely Wye and Aye would be better smile.png


Wye is the one in the Museum at Gloucester.

In Topic: River Class butty 'Hay'

Today, 10:32 AM

Two converted ones here which I think we decided were Wey and Aye.



Wey by imulford, on Flickr



Aye? by imulford, on Flickr



In Topic: Historic Boats On The Duck

Today, 10:19 AM

I seem to recall one of her latest owners posted on the forum saying how they were really looking forward to restoring her, etc.  Then they found it wouldn't fit down the Napton flight and that was pretty much the last we heard from them.


Edited to add: Found it http://www.canalworl...hl=hazel&page=2