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Hi all, Finaly got our first boat, have been reading and watching the forum, thanks for all the brill topics and advice, now we feel very in the deep end, as we got the boat at the start of all this cold, but usual winter weather.

Would love to start our solid fuel stove, but should we clean the chimney first?

If so, how?

It's a chili penguin stove, and was fairly clean, just had to clear some ash and a little bit of burn on the glass, is there an easy way to check if the chimney is clear, or should we get a sweeper pro to do it?

Thanks for any advice, temptation to light is there, but also very aware of risks

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all you need is a chimney sweeping brush to fit a max 4" flue.

Take the chimney off and look down the flue, you will be able to see if there is a large amount of build up in it, if you havn't a brush, a length of chain can be dropped down and rattled around to the same effect.

If you have a damper fitted at the base of the flue, make sure this is cleared (hand up top inside of stove) before you light the stove, then your chili penguin will be a toasty one.





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Thats great, thanks, will try and get a brush, if not, have torch, chain or something similar, need to check damper, thanks for info, feel more confident now, will be getting on boat Friday after work, hope to be toasty before dark.

Thanks again


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