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Accumulator Pressure

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I have fitted a new replacement 5 litre accumulator as the old one was leaking but I do not have a tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure.


The Jabsco water pump is rated at 25 psi and the new accumulator was supplied with about 35 psi and I have read that the accumulator should be set around 3 psi lower than the water pump so 22 psi. Until I can get hold of a pressure gauge what kind of issues or problems could the cold water system experience running at 35 psi?


Thank you


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54 minutes ago, Paul C said:

The water system won't be running at 35psi


Quite possibly will, actually!


Most water pumps cut in and out around 2 Bar and a Bar is 15psi approx. So 2 Bar is 30psi and the upper bound for the pressure switch to turn off could easily be approaching 35psi.






Edit to add: 

I now notice the OP specifically states he has a 25psi pump! 



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22 psi is too high. For best effect the accumulator  wants to be set about 1 -2 psi below the cut in pressure , not the cut out pressure. 


You can find the cut in pressure by setting the accumulator to about 10 psi,  then open a tap to run slowly and turn the pump and tap OFF immediately the pump starts to run.  Measure the presure.  This is the cut in pressure. Note it for future use.

Open a tap until water stops. Pump the accumulator up to about 1 or 2 psi less than  the pressure measured previously. 

Turn the taps off and the pump ON.


Job jobbed.


Or try Tracy's method.



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