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Kelvin T8 is a bit of a rare engine.


There is a section on here which may be a better place to ask




It is under vintage engines. Kelvin.


I would say all Kelvin engines in canal boats will be P, J or K type. I doubt very much anyone with a canal boat has a T or a TS type but there might  be someone who knows more about it and doesn't look at this section of the forum.





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51 minutes ago, Mohe said:

Its not bot

im looking for Kelvin 8 cylinder 


There was one for sale on ebay about a year ago, I doubt if it sold.


Have a search of "completed listings"


And there is a K2 on ebay right now! For £9k. 



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There was a pair of TASC8 engines on Ebay a couple of months ago. There is a single engine currently for sale which has been up for a while, so may be able to negotiate on price:




I have a few T parts (not the ones you are looking for) and I know someone who has a few more parts, again not the ones you are looking for. They were popular barge engines along the Essex coast in the 1970s/80s.



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I do not have a gearbox and neither does the other person I know. His father was a marine engineer who worked on Ts and had a few parts left over which he is now disposing of. I bought some other things from him (J parts and some tools) and found a few T parts in the boxes.


The only people who might be able to help with a gearbox or parts to fix your current gearbox would be Seaward Engineering. Either that or you will probably have to buy a whole secondhand engine to take the parts from which you want, like the one on Ebay.



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If Seaward cannot help, try British Polar Diesels.  They now own/run the Kelvin factory service and repair business.  


Ensure your wallet is well loaded before you start.  Kelvin components are not cheap.



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