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Flower Show or Elsan Point and Lock Paddle

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49 minutes ago, Arthur Marshall said:

The bit about a marina not allowing composting toilets was a quote from Facebook, not a direct statement by ditchcrawler.

Apparently most marinas have banned them - it started about 3 or 4 years ago when BWML banned them as the use for partly composted human faeces contravened the waste regulations.



But, I was referring to this 'delusion' :


I would have thought the goal of the owner of a composting toilet was lots of lovely compost for the garden/allotment.


When they actually seem to be installed so they dont have to pay for a pump-out, or go to an elsan and empty the cassette.

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1 hour ago, canalboat said:

Elsan Point still closed after 6 weeks

The facilities at Westport Lake (Stoke) have been closed for at least three months. The showers got vandalised, the toilet stopped working, but the Elsan was still ok a couple of months back. Now the whole place is locked. No sign of any intention to work on it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hillmorton Elsan disposal is now open.  Whilst CRT have been happy to leave it blocked saying that the problem was in a pipe owned by the water authority who were refusing to respond, an enterprising CRT employee got together with one of their contractors who pointed out that the pipe from the Elsan did NOT go through the Water Authority pipes but by an ancient British Waterways double dog-leg pipe, down which he forced a camera which found the blockage.  Turned out to be an oblong shaped plastic lid.  After about three hours sluicing he got a cheer from assembled boating types who declared the sewer open for business.

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41 minutes ago, canalboat said:

Moor on towing path - cross bridge - empty toilet cassette - simples - (well, simples for most folk).

A boater is happily doing that right now.

When the share boats arent using it for handovers, and the boatyard/marina for boat storage....

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