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I am Willem, pensioner, living aboard a classic sailing yacht "Starminx" from 1953 (alfred Mylne) since 2009 first in Belgium and now in Denmark.

Since I did not want to rely on electric supplies I installed and experienced "the" world brands diesel heaters but without real satisfaction. Thru observation and alterations I created a diesel heater “safe” and easy to operate with a total and soot free combustion resulting in a real low consumption with no diesel smells at all and functioning without any electric requirements.


For enthused friends I build a few units whom I guided and assisted with the installation including the first start up off the heater. Great fun! (via video call)


Because of positive remarks from professional seamen I plan to build a few more units very shortly for enthused contacts. Should you be curious to know more or/and enter in contact you can visit the arcticblueflamme.com site.


It is my wish to shear the pleasure and comfort I experience with this heater with other souls like myself living in small confinements such as canal boats, sailing boats, tiny houses and ?? who knows.

Looking forward to more fun.


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Welcome, and thanks for telling us about your invention, which is sure to interest some of our members.


However, do please remember that commercial advertising is not allowed on CWDF without the permission of the site owner.

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Looks like a room sealed version of a Refleks heater. Not sure that twin H cowls (one for inlet, one for exhaust) would be suitable for a narrow boat roof - the Alde 'pagoda' type is neater. No prices.

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I do like the look of the first version with the anchor cut outs  ...and the second version installed on Pelikan and Qilak is very cute.  It would be good to know the costs. 



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Posted (edited)

If you want anchors in the front panel it can be arranged but I am sorry to say, at extra charges. However it is not advisable since it will limit the air circulation in your cabin. (Heat distribution). You can off course foresee a transparent or stst. plate on the inside.

The price is not my priority but a happy user is. If you can afford a Refleks you can afford an Arcticblueflamme.


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The price is generally a priority of consumers as they're the ones who pay... In this case it seems to be a fundamental bit of information that is being withheld.


I'm always wary of anyone advertising anything who won't tell you how much it costs - either on their website or in direct communication.

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I would certainly want a different flue arrangement for a narrowboat even if it costs more. I don't think the Alde 2000 series coolie hat job would do because I think the combustion air connection is too small but if the OP is serious in wanting to sell them then he should address the roof fitting as someone else pointed out.

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