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  1. If you want anchors in the front panel it can be arranged but I am sorry to say, at extra charges. However it is not advisable since it will limit the air circulation in your cabin. (Heat distribution). You can off course foresee a transparent or stst. plate on the inside. The price is not my priority but a happy user is. If you can afford a Refleks you can afford an Arcticblueflamme.
  2. Hej, I am working on a 2 in one chimney that I will test soon. My friend in north Norway has build one on the same principle and is saying it is working perfect even in storm conditions. Continuous operation though.
  3. Hej, I am Willem, pensioner, living aboard a classic sailing yacht "Starminx" from 1953 (alfred Mylne) since 2009 first in Belgium and now in Denmark. Since I did not want to rely on electric supplies I installed and experienced "the" world brands diesel heaters but without real satisfaction. Thru observation and alterations I created a diesel heater “safe” and easy to operate with a total and soot free combustion resulting in a real low consumption with no diesel smells at all and functioning without any electric requirements. For enthused friends I build a few units who
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