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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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More of this day in 2016, with the Lord Mayor of Bradford receiving a Kennet brew at Saltaire; you can't stop Alan talking; ascending the 5-rise; and arriving at Silsden after waiting hours for one of the bridges which Bradford are responsible for to be repaired.

Slides 024.jpg

Slides 027.jpg

47 2016 Bingley 5 Rise.jpg

Slides 045.jpg

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Not certain if the date is quite right but its not far away, Canso Canal Cape Breton island Nova Scotia. A causeway was built to link CapeBreton to the Canadian mainland. A short canal with a lock was necessary to allow boat traffic through it. Today its unlikely that such a scheme would be built as it caused environmental damage by restricting the tidal flow in the area.

Cape Breton  2011 204 lr.jpg

Cape Breton  2011 201 lr.jpg

Cape Breton  2011 212 LR.jpg

Cape Breton  2011 008 lr.jpg

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On this day in 2014





spacer.pngFort Augustus. Caledonian Canal.


and a sign from Scottish Canals on the Lowland canals with an idea wholly different from England and Wales.


More from the sixteenths of October. Try the Slideshow Button.


Canalling on sixteenths of October:


2017  Patsy - Glasgow  (F&C) - FalkirkWheel - (E+GU) br68
2016  Copperkins - (L&L Bicentenary) - ApperleyBridge - Silsden
2014  LordOfTheGlens - (Caledonian) - Inverness - FortAugustus
2012  Fulbourne - (PeakForest) - Bugsworth - Marple - (MacclesfieldC) - Macclesfield
2011  Copperkins - (T&M) - GreatHaywood - Rugeley
2008  Copperkins - (HNC) - Marsden - Huddersfield - Broad - CoopersBridge (C&H)
2005  ShipHappens - (GUs)- Warwick - Braunston
2002  Copperkins - (B+F) - Minworth - Fazeley - Whittington Brook - (Coventry) - Fradley
2001  Copperkins - (S+W) - br78 - Great Haywood - Armitage
2000  Odyssey - (PeakForest) - br25 - Stalybridge (wind) - Marple -
1994  Copperkins - Soulbury (took over in the evening)

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