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As Isuzu narrowboat engines are now sold under the Canaline brand in the UK, and distributed by Engines Plus in Gloucestershire, I would turn to one of their dealers.




quoted from their website:


Isuzu Marine Engines – If you are looking for parts and service support for the Isuzu Marine canal boat engines, please refer to our Canaline dealer’s who can support this product 

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I think we're putting the cart before the hose here. The O.P. has asked a serious question.


Steve, look at the web site www.isuzu.co.uk. On it there is a map of all the Isuzu main dealers in Britain (because, although they no longer sell marinised engines over here, they still sell road vehicles). Click on the one in your area and it will show you the address and telephone number.

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Assuming you mean heater hose (16 or 19mm probably) or skin tank hose, then an Isuzu dealer will not be able to help as boats are all different.  Hose by the meter comes from motor factors or eBay.  eBay would be my first choice.

The hose diameter should be in the engine book you got with the boat.


if you mean little moulded hoses used on the engine then an Isuzu dealer can probably help if you can give them the base engine ‘name’

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1 hour ago, nipper said:

Big oses, little oses, oses with oles at both ends? coloured oses?




On my Isuzu 55 I think the straight hoses connecting the engine to calorifier connections, etc are just standard 3/4" ID car heater hose and the ones connecting to the skin tanks are also standard hose (maybe 2" ID?). Not sure where to get the irregular shaped engine hoses though.

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