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  1. Though not 'boaty' these folk may be able to help. https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/category/337/seals
  2. When Titian was grinding rose madder His model was posed on a ladder Her position to Titian suggested coition So he climbed up the ladder and 'ad 'er.
  3. Many years ago, when I was young I had a 105E Anglia, over a few days the oil warning light started to flicker & then came on full time. Received wisdom from my friends that knew about these things was that it was merely the sender. I bought & fitted a new sender & all was well for about a week, then one morning on my way to work the oil light came on and shortly after the engine began making the most awful screeching noises. I had to be towed home! On taking the thing to bits I found the big end bearings hammered flat & the actual bearing metal melted in places. The crankshaft didn't seem too bad so new bearings were fitted, the engine reassembled and all was well. Some weeks later the oil light came on again whilst on holiday and a long way from home, this time I went direct to a garage where they told me the oil pump had expired. Just sayin' like, be careful! HH
  4. I'd been with Midland Bank (HSBC) since 1968 until they closed my local branch earlier this year. I transferred to the only other local option, Nat West, they closed 3 months later! I now have to travel 10 miles to the next town where HSBC & Nat West are on opposite corners. Had I known I could have saved my self the not inconsiderable hassle of changing. HH
  5. In the days of yore when ale was sold direct from the barrel behind the bar it was cooled by draping a wet towel over the barrel. If the ale was not ready to drink the barmaid would say "Sorry the towel's on". That expression is still used when you can't get a pint, thought usually now due to the bar closing.
  6. I was always told that kids, children, had nothing to do with kids, goats. Origin Middle English (in kid (sense 2 of the noun)): from Old Norse kith, of Germanic origin; related to German Kitze. From Oxford Living Dictionaries.
  7. A soft water area, Mum routinely used Brillo but may have used another brand depending on what what her "shopper" brought, all that remained was a tangled rusty mass. Twas very fine wire as found in Brillo, other pads always seemed to be of coarser material. They were confused, bless 'em, I once found Dad's teeth in the tea pot!
  8. When my aged parents were in mental & physical decline they kept complaining that the tea didn't taste "right." Eventually, I thought I'd better investigate. I found two rusty, disintegrating Brillo pads in the bottom of the kettle! Dad lived to 86 & Mum to 97
  9. COSHH data sheet http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/416313.pdf
  10. Indeed, but it's an abbreviation actually; an acronym must be pronounceable. Pedant mode off.
  11. I'm sure you'll get there - would you bring a couple of bottles of rum back for me. Pretty please.
  12. Thanks to your post I too now have some helpful icons returned. There must be many, many like me with failing eyesight so why must we have grey characters on a grey background, it's so difficult to read. HH
  13. There are three thing happen as one gets older, first the memory starts to go..............and I can't remember the other two. Just continuing the theme.........
  14. Thanks for the apostrophe! I've always lived very close to the Yorkshire/Derbyshire border.
  15. Peoples Republic of Yorkshire.
  16. Plain as a pikestaff. Stands out like a bulldogs b**ls.
  17. People in glass houses should always wear trousers.
  18. I have something very similar from BT, similarly, inexpensive & no fees. Also displays caller number, there is a fee for this it's not expensive but I managed to negotiate a freebie. HH
  19. Willie, finding life a bore drank some H2SO4 His father an MD gave him CaCO3 Now he's neutralised it's true But he's full of CO2
  20. Use a door push strip. some are plain, that is, they are not embossed "push"
  21. Congratulations on being invited to speak at the conference - woohoo (quietly) I've been several times to the New England area, it's a beautiful part of the country. I once flew into Toronto, never again! I had to do Canadian customs/immigration on landing, walk down a corridor to get my Boston flight then do US customs/immigration, a real pain when you're tired, hot & feeling very hassled. Can't recommend that way to get to US. Can recommend "upgrading" on Virgin, better seats, better food/drinks, better baggage allowance. If you mean Bethel, Maine I drove there from western Mass some years ago. Took my time lots of trees. Lots. Many places just to stop & look. Got roadside motels no prob, one did put me in mind of Psycho though! North Conway NH is worth a visit good scenery & retail therapy for those who require it, some sort of tax concession in NH; no purchase tax or some such. Mount Washington also worth a visit, don't miss the cog railway. Niagara is best viewed from the Canadian side , worth the trip but customs, immigration again. The town is very commercial these days but worth a day trip. Welland canal worth a look too. I always went into NY City by bus, Greyhound, convenient & just something different. When flying from JFK I did it (the City) on my way home, there was left luggage (secure) at the bus depot & I could then get a bus or taxi to the airport. You would probably need to check the left luggage situation it may have changed after 9/11. It's generally considered cheaper to book the hire car from UK, I always used Alamo & found then very good. I was spoiled really as mostly my pal, in Mass, would lend me his car for the duration. I would not contemplate driving in downtown NY. If you go there see if you can find the garment district, I got some great deals on winter clothes one time; when I said I would be over my allowance the guy offered to buy the coat I was wearing! Hope this helps, enjoy. HH
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