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    When I was a wee chap the big kids used to do this up the external house drain pipes - they called it a bull roar. HH
  2. Procrastination is the thief if time, it causes naught but sorrow. So I will make a brand new start, tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow. HH
  3. I'm a member of CPP Card Rescue which seems to offer what you have. Can't remember the cost but it must be reasonable or I wouldn't be a member! They used to have a nice metal key tag but replaced it with a useless plastic job, I complained but they said they had no plans to go back to the metal article. Fortunately, I've never used their services so can't comment on efficiency. HH
  4. Thrifty to fifty then spend to the end.
  5. Me too. My annual salary looked good, my hourly rate was abysmal. I had no contracted hours. My contract stated that I would work "such hours as were necessary for the satisfactory completion of duties". When I retired I was asked to go back and work three days, I declined because I knew I would be expected to do five days work for three days pay. HH
  6. "Your clock's stopped" "No, that's the visitors clock - it never goes"
  7. In spite of attempting to play various instruments I never got beyond playing on the linoleum. HH
  8. Although I've never done a floor I've always found this chap to be very helpful http://www.finneyswoodfinishes.co.uk HH
  9. Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday Real throat cutting stuff HH
  10. Engage bore mode............ Such conversation openers are called phatics. Disengage bore mode. HH
  11. The sun shines on the righteous................ .......................and on the sinner equally. Is an Indian summer when you get Apache rain?
  12. May be worth checking some USA sites. There was a massive outbreak of cryptosporidium in Milwaukee in 1993 where approx 420,000 people were affected & about 70 died. I believe it took a long time & a lot of effort to clear it but there may be some local reports with info.
  13. There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover No blue birds in this country, only in zoos.
  14. Viagra is now available in tea bags. It doesn't enhance your sexual performance but it does stop your biscuits going soft.
  15. I have made a bowed psaltry and a dulcimer, I can't play either of them I just like making things. Some 60 years ago I was bought a harmonica for Christmas, I still have it, I still can't play it. As a musician I am strictly audience. HH
  16. Harpur Hill


    My link, above, was not the one I originally intended but if you follow it to the Lykamobile you will find more than a model. I have seen one of these running & was quite impressed. HH
  17. Harpur Hill


    Try www.steamtractionworld.com may give you some ideas. HH
  18. When I was a young lad my father always used to throw his used razor blades on the fire & I presume they were riddled out with the ashes. I asked him why he did this, he said it was to make them safe. I don't imagine they melted but perhaps they distorted & crumpled and the cutting edge was well dulled by the heat. (this was 65+ years ago) If this really worked for razor blades then perhaps it would also work for craft knife blades. HH
  19. Hi I have some PB hex bar 0.683" (17.35mm) happy to turn up a couple of 10mm bolts if it helps. Would also be happy to sell the length if anyone wants it - I'm trying to reduce my collection of engineering tools & equipment. Cheers HH
  20. Interesting. If you take Angel for its repair/maintenance do you then have to wait 12 months before you can bring it back? (assuming the work plus journey takes longer than a day) HH
  21. If all else fails try a sheet metal workers & ask 'em to bend some up for you. HH
  22. Huh, up at the crack of dawn to go to see classic bike racing at Donington, got most of the way there (M1) lashing down with rain, sky ever darkening, massive spray. Decided racing would almost certainly be cancelled & would probably drown watching it anyway so did a smart about turn. Ate packed lunch whilst cruising CWDF so day not entirely wasted but could have used the extra hours in bed! Hope to have more success with televised MotoGp later. HH
  23. No, 'fraid not - I just like words and derivations. Copasetic is one that you may use but we don't hear/use much this side of the world, shame really as it has a nice ring to it. HH
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