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  1. I've borrowed this from another thread..................... Members 12,248 posts Gender:Male Location:Aberdeen Boat Name:Telemachus Posted Today, 12:07 PM Amazing isn't it, someone asks a question, you go out of your way to be helpful including posting a page from the manual, and the OP doesn't even acknowledge it. And yes I've checked, he has been back to the forum repeatedly. Some people have no manners or common courtesy but are just wrapped up in their own selfishness. 2 Our boat's name is TelemachusAs in Tel-LEM-a-kus, not Telly-match-us. Thank you! Got to agree with you. It's happened to me here before. It will NOT happen again. Shame for those who will miss out on future freebies, I've a garage/shed/loft full of stuff to move on. HH
  2. There's no such thing as bad beer, it's just that some is better than others. I agree with the comments re the current fad for blonde/light beers, the hops are very astringent and just not to my taste. HH
  3. I have a piece of elm which may be big enough to replace the step. You can have it if you want it. I don't know the exact size & it's buried in the shed. If you're interested let me know the size & I'll go and measure. HH "How we use wych elmElm wood is strong and durable with a tight-twisted grain, and is resistant to water. It has been used in decorative turning, and to make boats and boat parts, furniture, wheel hubs, wooden water pipes, floorboards and coffins".
  4. Just back from a Caribbean holiday. I'm allergic to mozzie bites & usually get big red itchy lumps that last for weeks & often get infected. This year there is the added attraction of Zika virus so have been extra careful. I used 95% DEET during the day and ASSS in the evening, I can't stand the stink of DEET whilst eating/drinking. Most evenings involved socialising/drinking at an outside bar. No mozzie bites at all, both ankles bitten by sand flies on one occasion, treated with After Bite pen - no problem. HH
  5. Yes but MotoGp is better.
  6. Some years ago when my aged parents were beginning to lose their marbles they complained that tea didn't taste like it used to do. After some investigation regarding brand of tea, freshness of milk etc I found two very rusty, grotty Brillo pads in the kettle! HH
  7. FWIW I used ATF in my 350hp Cobra replica gearbox with no problems. HH
  8. Since they've been around for so long could you not keep them in a safe place until Nov 5th & just set 'em off?
  9. When I was a young chap, about 60 years ago,I was advised by a well educated elderly lady, a family friend, that:- from our home in the north we did not go down to London as one always went UP to a capital and it remained morning until such time as one had eaten lunch. HH
  10. Lots of oxalic acid in rhubarb maybe we could use a stick to clean brass? The leaves are actually a much richer source which is why they are so poisonous; since they are usually slung perhaps they could be scrunched up & used as a cleaner. HH
  11. Just heard a trailer about a piece on the Vine prog today 12.00 - 14.00 BBC radio 2 about "canal boat licenses" HH
  12. Seasearcher magnet in pocket without keep. Visit tourist office. Stand close to offending PC. HH
  13. I'll have a pint of what you're drinking. HH
  14. Putting egg in salad sandwiches (or on any salad really). I don't like eggs very much, I especially dislike boiled eggs. When did egg become salad? HH
  15. Yebbut, where's the furniture/kitchen sink go when you want to move? Neat idea tho. HH
  16. From Wiki......... "Ey up" (often spelt ayup / eyup) is a greeting thought to be of Old Norse origin (se upp) used widely throughout the North Midlands and South Yorkshire, and "Mi Duck" is thought to be derived from a respectful Anglo Saxon form of address, "Duka" (Literally "Duke"), and is unrelated to waterfowl.[5] Non-natives of the East Midlands are often surprised to hear men greet each other as 'Mi Duck.'[2]
  17. Water pumps pump water, petrol pumps pump petrol, oil pumps pump oil, electric pumps therefore must pump... HH
  18. May be worth trying a carpet shop. Some floor covering comes wrapped around a cardboard core, I have such a core approx 4" diameter x approx 7' long. Free for collection if anyone wants it. HH
  19. Harpur Hill


    When I was a wee chap the big kids used to do this up the external house drain pipes - they called it a bull roar. HH
  20. Procrastination is the thief if time, it causes naught but sorrow. So I will make a brand new start, tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow. HH
  21. I'm a member of CPP Card Rescue which seems to offer what you have. Can't remember the cost but it must be reasonable or I wouldn't be a member! They used to have a nice metal key tag but replaced it with a useless plastic job, I complained but they said they had no plans to go back to the metal article. Fortunately, I've never used their services so can't comment on efficiency. HH
  22. Thrifty to fifty then spend to the end.
  23. Me too. My annual salary looked good, my hourly rate was abysmal. I had no contracted hours. My contract stated that I would work "such hours as were necessary for the satisfactory completion of duties". When I retired I was asked to go back and work three days, I declined because I knew I would be expected to do five days work for three days pay. HH
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