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  1. Thanks all. In response to Ditchcrawler, there is nothing on the D+ terminal (see photo). I too thought it must need some form of excitation but perhaps being for the leisure batteries its in-built to the unit its self, self-excitation as it were? DMR - I dont normally run it with the isolator off, I was just doing some testing as I needed to be sure that it wasn't battery voltage. I did it with the isolator on as well and as there was no spike when the engine started I made the assumption it wasnt producing any voltage, either from not exciting or just being knackard.
  2. thats with the isolator off (so batteries disconnected). with the batteries connected it was 13.2 but no change between starting and stopping the engine.
  3. Yes the warning light is on when the engine is running and there is no voltage coming from the alternator. Can you recommend a specialist?
  4. Our domestic alternator has died and I am struggling to find a replacement. We have a Barrus Shire 40 engine with a 140A 12V alternator. I was going to just replace like for like but cant seem to find a supplier anywhere. The Barrus website is as good as useless. Are there any direct alternatives that would fit either new or overhauled? All help appreciated. Thanks (as a side note, I checked the voltage coming out of it today and it was nothing so likely it is the alternator or elements of it)
  5. Finally got ours finished and ready to go. Not a bad job but I'm pretty chuffed.
  6. Thanks for all the ideas. Sometimes it helps to have a few ideas thrown around. MK1 made so will make a better version out of something tomorrow. Cheers all
  7. Yeah this is my thinking if nothing else comes to light.
  8. Todays job, trying to sort out the shower. Turns out the mixer just needed a good clean up, however it is missing the knob. I am struggling to find either a suitable knob or something to use as a knob. The main problem I'm having it that its a 7/8" drive which the knob would need to slot on to. All the ones i seem to be able to find online are small spline drives. Any suggestions? Its usable as it is - just, but with wet hands its quite a small knob to grab hold of at the moment There are no part numbers on the mixer unfortunately.
  9. Best addition so far. Excuse the dodgy paint job, this has since been rectified.
  10. Cheers all, I am going to climb down and inspect with torch and mirror, no problem doing that. I have a new relay on its way and a bulk load of 15 and 25 amp fuses so can do a little experimenting (one thing at a time though). You would think being an avionic engineer this would be a doddle but I think we are blessed with much easier to follow diagrams (with internal workings of components). I hate working with coloured wires all leading to boxes, however Flyboys diagrams are much better to follow so i may steal those
  11. Yes that would make sense. It has to be something causing the fuse to blow while the engine is operating. Ive got a feeling the solenoid and starter are one assembly....£££
  12. I'm reckoning that the diagram with the 25A fuse is older and has been replaced with the 15A suitable for the wiring...
  13. Completely agree with the fuse doing its job, the only reason I mentioned uprating it was because of this diagram...
  14. Always turns over and starts, never sluggish or slow. If it was clicking i would go for the battery being low or connection on the starter or solenoid
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