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  1. Tony, I have yet to discover if my Python drive is ‘modern’, it has been in my boat for 20 years! Nevertheless, thank you for the instructions, I don’t believe my file on equipment fitted to my boat has the Python drive information.
  2. Thank you for the information gentlemen. When it comes to necessary tools, I have them in abundance - even torque wrenches! I will supply photos etc in the fullness of time for your valued opinions of the condition of the Python drive and guidance on the repair/replacement scenario.
  3. Perhaps I should try this again? It was not and is not my intention to cause such upset but it seems I have! In order to assess an issue with my Python drive I need to remove it for investigation to identify a repair/replacement plan of action. Is the removal of the drive sufficiently straight forward such that I can undertake it? Once removed it should prove easier for me to publish photographs in order to seek advice on a plan of action.
  4. OK, sorry to have troubled you all. Quite what you think is going on is totally beyond me - I have a narrowboat and I have a badly damaged Python drive. I asked for advice about replacing it but it seems to have become something more. For those of you who have offered advice - I thank you, it has given me some confidence that I can resolve my problem. For those of you who think there is ‘some thing else’ going on - sorry to disappoint - just a simple request for advice. I do not know why it has ruffled your feathers! If I have the opportunity to post a photo to satisfy, I will do so tomorrow. But no promises.
  5. Look guys, the drive is comprehensively k*******d, 50p seals, wrong coloured bearings etc etc will not repair the fault. I am not a Python Sales manager - if I was I am sure I wouldn’t have needed to ask for advice here. It is a dig deep replacement regrettably. I am trying to ease the pain by determining if I can do the job myself and not bother a nearby boat yard and, undoubtably, get the cost to over a grand.
  6. I require the complete unit unfortunately.
  7. It is a full replacement unfortunately - just one of those things!
  8. Has anyone experience of replacing a python drive? Mine is damaged.
  9. Eeyore, that sums up what I plan to do.
  10. Well, like you I don’t see the connection (no pun intended) between the engine mounts and the oil pressure gauge reading, but all is good now and, no, I’ve not tried to trace the problem because it doesn’t exist any more :). Eeyor’s comment is something I need to address as the engine is presently sitting on the same, bottom, level of the mounts. In an idle moment I wondered if there was a clever way of determining on which diagonal I need to tweak the engine mount (rubber). Ie a container of water on the top of the engine and watch the waves? Other than that, I plan to loosen the top nuts, raise the bottom nuts, equally, by enough to release them from the mount then see if there one nut that still has some space to rise a bit more. Then return the settings and adjust that particular nut to even things up.
  11. All done, new parts fitted and we are underway with a much quieter, vibration free boat AND the oil pressure gauge is reading properly again. Eeyor, thanks for the advice. This topic is now finished. Thanks to all the folk who offered advice, I am now a little more knowledgeable of the world of narrowboat mechanicals.
  12. Thanks Tony once again. Looking at the originals it would appear that the set up is such that the ‘supporting nut’ is actually hard against the top of the rubber mount. I will take a photo shortly to show that they really are ‘shot’. Here are the removed parts:
  13. Tony, am I correct, that the nut under the ‘engine foot’ is used to create the vertical adjustment for the engine alignment, thus that nut and its 3 partners carry the mass of the engine. Oh, I can now appreciate why my photo was of no use whatsoever. It is quite amazing how, having seen the part how much more obvious your explanations have been. I have now learned a little more about my boat.
  14. ‘Spec’ the engineer at Star Line boats insisted on checking - he had another customer with a similar problem last week; after the check he was able to reassure the customer that his issue lay elsewhere. His comment to me ‘it makes a pleasant change to find a customer who’s diagnosis is spot on’. We worked together to remove the old parts - and they do show serious signs of distress. Tracy, I have ‘a few bob’ in reserve and I am sure I can survive with one kidney! Lol ‘Be Over Another Thousand’! Thank goodness for Royal Air Force pensions!
  15. All the mounts removed - which took some doing! Unfortunately having to go to EP Barrus, Bicester for replacement parts :(. They will not get here until Thursday late morning as a mate is couriering them to me. Should have everything back together in a fraction of the time it took to get it apart. Tony, sorry for using the wrong terminology, I flew military aircraft for a living! My knowledge of the finer points of narrowboat engine parts is poor but getting better. Things should be resolved by Thursday.
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