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  1. No Moomins, unfortunately. We were planning to drive down, but our daughter has come down with Covid, and that's messed up the plans, for complicated reasons. MP.
  2. I guess that includes the towpath in Woodseaves cutting, which is blocked by a load of fallen sandstone. The towpath for the whole length has not been used or maintained and looks like it may never be used again. MP.
  3. The auto vent won't vent excess pressure: the mechanism holds it closed when not inserted into a toilet, but doesn't positively open it when activated. That's because to can be closed by a float when the cassette is full. That lifts a rubber flap which seals the vent. If the flap is closed and positive pressure builds up in the cassette, that will hold the rubber flap in the sealed position. The yellow vent button is the best way to release any excess pressure. MP.
  4. I'm perfectly capable of inspecting my boat to determine if it's safe, so I just want the piece of paper to give to CRT; the cheaper the better. MP.
  5. I think the implication is that all are welcome, straight or any colour of the rainbow. MP.
  6. I was wondering that. You'll be forever first choice as weed-hatch wallah if so. MP.
  7. GWS Tree Monkey. BlueStringPudding please keep us informed. MP.
  8. I picked up a very second-hand but functional electric strimmer from the bin compound at Norbury Junction today. Perfect for DIY mooring creation. Judging by how the edges are growing already, everyone's going to need one, so I'm ahead of the curve. MP.
  9. It's also entirely possible I misread the sign as we passed. It wasn't very clear. MP. We couldn't remember if Turner's did gas, and we were desperate. Good to know that they do. MP.
  10. On Tuesday, Turners were 129.9 and Norbury were 128. Our main reason for stooping at Norbury was that we needed gas too. MP.
  11. The Australian one, obvs. also Grazebrook Arm.
  12. Add Pensnet Basin to the bag.
  13. Melaleuca is checking out Parkhead before the competitors arrive tomorrow.
  14. Or maybe not. Something in the lock entrance.
  15. BCN, the umpire is in you.
  16. In the challenge spirit, we bagged the Fens Branch and Stourbridge Extension Canal. MP
  17. I remember. 18 months ago but feels like half a lifetime.
  18. The umpire's launch is half way up the Stourbridge flight. Last time I came this way it was snowing and there was a inch of ice on the cut. MP.
  19. Left at Birchills. A brave choice! MP.
  20. The S&W has seen lots of hire boats moving, but all the usual mooring spots are damn near empty. I think this may be something to do with the fact that a tank of diesel and gas cylinder cost me £185 at Norbury junction. MP.
  21. The Moomins are not competing this year, but NB Melaleuca has a role as challenge HQ at Withymoor. We're on our way; heading down the Shroppie at Norbury tonight. MP.
  22. I was at the Boat museum regularly in the early-mid eighties, and remember the the pound between the wide locks being used as a long term dry dock for boats which couldn't easily have been floated due to missing planks and incomplete hulls, so the museum was at least taking advantage of the inability of wide boats to use the canal by that point. MP.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Saw the first hireboat steerer wearing a captain's hat yesterday. Spring has spung. MP.
  25. Almost all of the traditional boats around now are from the last generation of working boats, built for the "sunset days". For most of the carrying life of the canals, cargo boats were wooden, and propelled by a horse. There are very few of those left. MP.
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