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  1. yachts use a plug to lay the fibrglass on top of gel coat the plug (mold ) gives a smooth surface Commecial van and trailer builders could supply the sandwich boards.
  2. where is the boat now? If you leave the Thames at Brentford although still in the tidal flow it is quieter . Research the tide times and go in a small tide (neap) up the Grand Union to Bulls bridge turn right onto the Grand Union Paddington arm. follow through onto the Reagents canal, going through Camden Hang a left at Old Ford onto the Hertford union canal. then onto the Lee and Stort. A gold licence covers the Canal and River trust and the River Thames the Lee and Stort is a Canal and River Trust waterway so you need their licence. you can buy day licence for the Thames usualy a threee day licence will cover your trip in the river.
  3. we diid the weaver and then the ship canal in a large organised convoy with a boat club some years ago best way to go as we filled the locks and had a rally at salford quays
  4. make sure your fuel tank is clean suck out any crud from the bottom carry spare fuel filters.
  5. Batteries creat hydrogen gass when used hevily I manages to blow on up catching a spanner on the hull to make a circuit luckily I had the cover between my face and the exploding battery
  6. Earth the taps to the boat hull.
  7. Cruising is all about visiting new places. Use a chain and padlock to secure the boat to arnco barriers if you can, trains often run parrelell to the canal bikes work well never pass a pub without having a pint never pass a village without a wander round. learn how springs work to keep jour mooring pins in.
  8. if you want to cruise up the river stort bridge hight is a problem we went upstream and used the wash to duck under the bridge tight by the lock pulling the water from the lock but going downstream had to cut off the wind generator suport bracket. The comfort of a bedroom 12 ft square no scrambling over your partener the k&a was made for 14ft barges as is the Lee and Stort
  9. over 10 years of cc we have had the following problems when parking thr car in lay-bys back window smashed, passenger window broken and tapes stolen, badly vandalised in lay-by on edge of canal, best place is in front of houses a 100cc scooter is lighter to lift on and off.
  10. The space between the shaft and the brass flange is packed with stern gland packing and grease which can be compressed to stop water ingress. Over time that can wear and be replaed with fresh packing. Google stern gland packing.
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