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  1. Thanks for your suggestions ...much appreciated Cheers ? Thanks...I'll research further
  2. I'm thinking of trying the plastic film mentioned in several posts but am concerned that double sided tape is used to secure the film to the inner wooden frame....do you gave to remove the tape every year and isn't this very difficult and messy? I wonder if magnetic strips could be used somehow and left in situ for each winter ?
  3. Good point......ventilation via transom style opening or the like
  4. Here you go....much easier to see photos than to describe ? the table obviously slots into the Desmo fittings in our prow "snug " which is where we are considering something to replace the current cratch canvas arrangement. The bed folds away to enable free passage through the boat during the day and simlpy drops down across the full width of the boat at night.
  5. Our floor is at the same level right into the prow deck we can walk straight into it without crouching down....that's why we had it built that way.... .I'll try to post pics ehich may help
  6. Guys & Gals.....this topic has gone way off track....exploding bolts CO2 issues !@?....I'm looking for ideas and advice on permanent cratch windows please ??
  7. Thanks big d, I saw this too on Pinterest. It's ok but we'd want to be able to open the windows too in summer. Maybe we'll have to design something ourselves from conventional house windows or customised nb windows
  8. We have a wooden cratch with canvas covers with integral soft plastic windows with zipped over covers. This covers our prow deck where the floor level is the same as the rest of our boat with bench seating running round the prow and a table giving us a useful dining area. Problem is that despite good quality canvas covers and copious PTFE spraying when it rains heavily water does get in, its damp and the upholstery is getting watermarked. It's a great little facility in the summer but although we have a couple of fin radiators in there it can still be a bit chilly in winter. We are considering replacing the canvas with some form of rigid structure with double glazed windows so the area is warmer, less damp and we can use it more.....a bit like a conservatory ! Anyone out there have anything like this or seen on other nb's pls ?
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