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  1. recording the French one now on ch 93
  2. Missed it,was it worth watching?!
  3. Various quotes from people who moor nearby about the state of the boat and rowdy behaviour. Not licensed for 4 years etc: Large generator running at all hours and rubbish on towpath.
  4. Narrowboat world gives a different slant on all this!!
  5. Mine in our wood burner at home are ceramic, all others seem to crack after a very short time. They were expensive though, but it is an 8KW fire!!
  6. I prefer the robbie Cummings series; at least he tried to tell it how it is!
  7. Terry from Harworth heating has given the boater details of a mobile engineer who will be able to sort the problem. Thanks for all the helpful information!
  8. He contacted OFTEC but they were not helpful. !!
  9. Yes he has but Terry Hibbert was not available and nobody else could help.
  10. Ok thanks, will advise him to do that.
  11. Hello fellow boaters. A friend of mine is having difficulty with his Bubble diesel stove and cannot find a specialist in the North West to come and service it. Have any forum members got any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  12. I took great delight in mooring on the forbidden bit at Nantwich recently; the trees have now grown such that one can bairly see the houses! Unfortunately nobody from CRT challenged me!
  13. I am sorry to say that I have not heard much of boating interest in this post. Surely we can have a decent conversation without descending into the childish sniping which occurs daily in the House of Commons!! Finally, Isobel started this but at no time has she detailed the circumstances of the altercation! I for one would like to know where she was,what kind of mooring was it and was she within her rights to be there!? On a lighter note I also met and chatted to the chap on Lord Byron's maggot a few weeks ago on the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie. Nowt wrong w
  14. I also use an old 56lb weight. I have been told by people with more experience that once deployed, an anchor,especially in fast flowing water, is almost impossible to recover!
  15. I just wonder how anyone is going to police all this nonsense! The same goes for the ban on red diesel!
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