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  1. We often use the local pubs, but the food tend get a bit monotonous. So when we get to a place with a choice, like Berkhamsted, we often go somewhere other than the pub. We're probably not the only ones, so that might be part of the explanation for some locations.
  2. I sure hope it was canal water, and not mixed with anything else. But I didn't care to try and taste it. But you try to be hit in the head with a kilo or so of water, thrown from 8-10 feet above you. My head and neck stille hurts. It's not very fun on the receiving end.
  3. Well, Carl. They were aiming for and hitting my head. To an elderly or otherwise frail person that could potentially be dangerous.
  4. Take care - children are throwing water balloons or similar from bridge 39.
  5. Normally you return the boat at the base where you rented it. To take it to another base I think is the exception to the rule. You are in full command of the boat, and it is up to you whether you use your days sailing, or stopping and exploring. You are allowed to moor along the canalside almost everywhere, on the towpath side (but several long boats kan be hard to find room for in popular places!) But remember it is never just to "sail along" - there are locks, they are manual, and you operate them yourself. Remember to check the hiring company's T&C. There ARE age restrictions, as to the skipper needs to be above a certain age. I don't know how that works with more boats hired by a group. But just ask them - the hiring companies we used was very serviceminded. But of course the teenagers are allowed to try their hand at steering. Here's a link to a map I often use myself. https://www.centralwaterways.co.uk/guides-and-maps/lockmaster-maps/lockmaster-holiday-planner-flat-5th-edition.html Best of luck with your venture - a great idea!
  6. Some rather illustrative photos in this link. They also show how close the ship was to land. https://ksu.no/artikler/ksu-no/96187-bilder-fra-den-dramatiske-situasjonen-pa-hustadvika
  7. In Norwegian newspapers, the wind gusts are described as up to 25 m/s (56 mph), and wave heights of 10-15 m. So the weather was pretty bad. Hurtigruten, which is the Norwegian coastal express, chose not to leave port on that stretch on saturday night.
  8. They've just started towing it towards Molde, which is the nearest town.
  9. Why on earth would one be paying a lot of money for a marina mooring, if not to use it as a home mooring, and a place to put the boat when one is not out cruising? Can't be many who are paying for a constantly empty berth. I don't quite see why this is worth the bother for CRT. Is there something here I'm not getting?
  10. And remember you need an anchor before you venture out on a river - an anchor that is correctly fastened in the boat!
  11. You can use https://canalplan.eu to plan your journey. It's quite some trip for a first time. Are your daughter joining you, or are you single-handing? There are courses both in boat handling, and in engine maintenance, which may be useful. I did the latter at River Canal Rescue, it was very good for a novice like me. http://www.rivercanalrescue.co.uk (A membership might also be a good idea.) Willow Wren does both types. http://www.willowwrentraining.co.uk Good luck with your undertaking - I hope you will enjoy it!
  12. When are you doing it? You're not supposed to be boating after dark on a hire boat, so if it's anytime soon sunset time will be a factor. If it's in the summer, you can keep boating till quite late, of course. Good luck with your trip!
  13. In Norway we don't have gas in homes at all. It works perfectly fine. Of course, as Phil said, gas hobs are more easily controllable than traditional electrical ones, but induction hobs are said to be much the same as gas. But if the UK is quitting gas and converting to all electric, is the distribution network up to it?
  14. We usually cruise with our fenders up. One day we'd forgot, and going out of a lock the rope got caught in the lock gate. It pulled one of our nav lights right off. The fender was OK, though!
  15. I'm very sad to read your news. I can't start imagine where I would be without my husband, whom I've been married to 20 years this April. It's so good to hear that you at least got to experience and enjoy boat-ownership. It's an inspirational story, not crazy at all. My sympathy; Sally
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