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  1. Lapworth is very nice and easy - one of my favorite flight s- but some narrow locks pull, as others have mentioned. Napton, for instance. Going up Napton I find it helps working the paddles "in parallell": a few turns on one side, then a few turns on the other, helps keeping the boat still. But then we're only 50 ft - maybe it's otherwise with a longer and heavier boat. I'm not strong enough to hold the boat back with ropes if the lock really pulls hard, hence the carefulness and using the engine to keep the boat still.
  2. It’s about both, not one or the other. Keeping yourself safe means less likelihood of spreading the virus. So the best way would be to use antibac both before and after touching. If there were virus on the obstacle, she would bring it on to the next thing she touched.
  3. ... touching something someone infected has touched - and then putting your fingers in your face (eyes/nose/mouth). I haven’t heard of anyone getting infected through the skin of their hands. So actually, the best advice is to wash your hands properly once you’ve touched anything, or use antibac if that isn’t possible. Saw a journalist getting in to a beauty parlour on tv - first she used antibac, then she removed an obstacle to get in. But that would make her hands immediately unclean again...😮
  4. This evening, Braunston. And btw, thank you to DandV for starting a lovely thread! 😀
  5. Of course. For instance, the virus may mutate to a less dangerous form. But there is a realistic possibility we may have to live with it.
  6. But I am a bit curious, so a question, mainly for the «pro-maskers»: This virus will probably not go away for the forseeable future. There may or may not be a vaccine, but a part of the poulation don’t want to have vaccines. So are you willing to wear face coverings in public for the rest of your life? If not, what will it take to stop wearing them?
  7. Most Norwegians actually lives in towns or cities, and live a normal, modern life in contact with other people. Just like UK citizens. And the virus was peaking in Norway in March, just like in the UK, but Norway closed down 10 days or so before the UK, which seems to have made a difference. And although it was not such a strict lock down, it worked all the same. We probably have to live with this virus for many, many years. I wouldn’t want to see face coverings as a permanent measure.
  8. Norway for one have no mandatory masks anywhere, and also no excess deaths.
  9. May I fill in the "However..." for you? 😉 Because - if you take matter of the EU away from your comment, your observation is a pertinent one. No problem getting together a collection of countries which haven't been as hard hit as the UK. But there are so many unknown parametres which must be considered before the collection should be deemed as relevant. Criteria for whether a death is a corona one, and the country's stage in the pandemic, are two. So I really see your point! 😀
  10. Where does it say that it's supposed to be the EU? Probably just a collection of countries with low death rates. For example, Norway with 235 deaths and Iceland with 10 deaths are both in there.
  11. We often use the local pubs, but the food tend get a bit monotonous. So when we get to a place with a choice, like Berkhamsted, we often go somewhere other than the pub. We're probably not the only ones, so that might be part of the explanation for some locations.
  12. I sure hope it was canal water, and not mixed with anything else. But I didn't care to try and taste it. But you try to be hit in the head with a kilo or so of water, thrown from 8-10 feet above you. My head and neck stille hurts. It's not very fun on the receiving end.
  13. Well, Carl. They were aiming for and hitting my head. To an elderly or otherwise frail person that could potentially be dangerous.
  14. Take care - children are throwing water balloons or similar from bridge 39.
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