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Sally Grim

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  1. Sally Grim

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    In Norway we have both Paradis and Hell...
  2. They're probably searching for their scarves.
  3. October morning in Braunston.
  4. Sally Grim

    Boat Safety Scheme

    We had ours a year ago, and also got a pdf from the surveyor on e-mail.
  5. Sally Grim

    Hire boater basic training

    We had our first hire from Wyvern (in 2013, i think) . They certainly took us through the first lock. I would be very surprised if they have changed their routine.
  6. Sally Grim

    Food storage area under the gunnel

    The Wyvern boats we hired had a useful cupboard with a shelf on top under the gunwhale opposite the kitchen. https://www.canalholidays.co.uk/our-boats/2-berth-narrowboats
  7. Sally Grim

    Hire boat fuel charges

    Isn't carbon monoxide heavier than air? Or do I remember wrongly?
  8. Sally Grim

    First World Problem

    We've had a standard Peugeot one for twenty-odd years, and it is still in daily use. But I would only recommend the pepper mill. We had a salt mill too, which was made from plastic and not steel. It fell apart after 3 times.
  9. Sally Grim

    Size of water tank?

    If you think you just need 180 liters, can´t you just make a habit of filling the tank half-full? And leave the tank as it is? I imagine that if you at some point would wanting to sell the boat, a small water tank would be a minus.
  10. Sally Grim

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    I know it is not what you are looking for, but if you ever should reconsider: Canal Cruising Company in Stone also has a couple of boats for long term hire. https://www.canalboatlongtermhire.co.uk
  11. Sally Grim

    What do you wish I already knew?

    And don't take it for granted that you can get a meal in a pub Sunday evenings. Some pubs serve Sunday Roast at lunchtime/early afternoon, and then close the kitchen. Our first Sunday dinner out hiring ended in self-cooked pasta on board. But do try to have a Sunday Roast somewhere nice!
  12. Sally Grim

    What do you wish I already knew?

    Before the first time we hired, we had a browse through the boater's handbook and found it helpful: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/141.pdf Have a lovely, relaxing holiday!
  13. Sally Grim

    Bought a new boat!

    Congratulations - it looks lovely!
  14. Sally Grim

    Year & hours.

    Thank you. The list is very useful, but year 2000 is a while ago now, although I appreciate that to an owner of 1936-boats it seems quite modern! So if anyone have an newer version, please share!
  15. Sally Grim

    Year & hours.

    Hi, Alan! That's something I have wondered; how do you know when an index number was issued?

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