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  1. Hi all. Is anybody currently doing the Warwickshire ring as I have heard that’s its really busy out there at the moment with some boats waiting 6 hours to get through a lock. Thank you. Colin
  2. Hi Has anyone parked a car at Hawkesbury Junction as the kids are planning to come up for the long weekend only so will park at Hawkesbury junction on Thursday then get a taxi to Gas Street basin where we should be on Thursday evening then we can drop them off to Hawkesbury on the Sunday afternoon. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Colin & Crew
  3. Hi has anyone got the Birmingham and the Heart of England (Nicholson Guide to the Waterways, Book 3) for sale ? it looks like we are between re-prints. I live near Gatwick airport. Thanks again for all the wonderful advice, it really helps our planning.
  4. This is all such great advice. We are very fortunate to have found you all. Can any one tell me which Nicholson I need as there seems to be a number that cross the route. And a map of the canals would really help. Big thanks Colin.
  5. Hi we are a group of 4 all approaching our 60’s (from both ends) who have never been on a canal boat before but love an adventure (last year we were trekking in Peru). And we are all physically fit. We have found advice to not do this route in a week and other advice that suggests it is not only doable in a week but actually very rewarding! We have booked a 7 day hire of an 8 berth boat and plan to have the 4 of us all week and the 4 kids (24 to 30) join us for a long weekend. We completely feel that if you go on a boating holiday then that’s really what we want to do and not park up for walks and picnics. The kids need to join us somewhere and leave a car that they can get back to. We pick the boat up at 2:30 on Tuesday 22nd September at Napton and return it 9:30 on Tuesday 29th September. Any advice you could give us would be much appreciated especially the route and where we may be on any particular evening so the kids can find us. We plan to go clockwise. Thank you. Colin.
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