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  1. Cheers everyone for the replies ! ( Usually like to reply to everyone but don’t want to bung up the page with quotes and responses ) it’s been a great read so far ! Corr! That’s amazing ! I’ve always been a sucker for smaller boats , the jump from 33ft to 61ft must have been something : o)
  2. I find it rather interesting to hear about people’s boat owning / gongoozling timeline , things like when you first got into the community , when you had your first on board experience , if applicable how long did it take you to end up owning your own boat , or even how long you stuck with life afloat before heading back to land life ! Everyone’s experiences are so unique , from people looking around for multiple years to jumping into ownership ... I’d love to hear your experiences ! hope everyone’s doing alright on this rather windy and soggy day ...
  3. I’ve seen both Nicholson’s and Pearson’s waterway guides mentioned a lot on this forum as a handy thing to own , Just thought it’d be interesting to ask if people have a preference and if so why : o ) It seems Nicholson’s is good for pubs ( Leaving out the fact COVID probably means it’s more out of date quicker than their last books ) and Pearson’s has a good visual format ? Obviously buying both is presumably the best way to go , But at the moment , which would you check out first ! TIA x
  4. Embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out “ trad stern “ is just short for traditional stern 😅 only a small thing but never heard it until recently , odd ! Thank you for making this post , the resources are helpful to me too : o)
  5. What a bummer : o( I am right by Aintree canal , but apart from Leeds I don’t believe there’s much other of a path to anywhere ...
  6. You should set up one yourself ( if you have a boat / time schedule that allows it 😅 ) ! I believe live-streams on YouTube and other services run adds , so could be an extra source of income ? Really great idea though ! I hope someone makes one : o)
  7. Hello ! I’m Paul , I’m 18 and autistic. I’ve developed a really big interest in Narrowboat’s and I’d love to learn more about them and get some experience with them : o) One day I would like to create an eco friendly life aboard ( ideally a less than 40”! , love the idea of tiny homes ) Currently situated in a Liverpool , if anyone is passing by I’d love the opportunity to visit and be educated by a captain!
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