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  1. or the miserable old gits don't realise they are to stupid to read and understand the motor is powered by batteries that are charged by solar panels, not the other way round. I rest my case.
  2. You know what, forget it. This forum has a minority of miserable old gits and nay-sayers that seem to get some sort of satisfaction from spoiling it for everyone else.
  3. I never said anything about reduced licence fee. Please provide some reference for it being forbidden to connect a belt from an electric motor to prop shaft thanks.
  4. Most people I have spoken to about it do want to move to electric propulsion - I guess it's just down to who you talk to. For me the benefits seem obvious:- Travelling along your favourite waterway with only the sound of the water lapping against the boat and the birds singing No fumes to breathe in when in locks or when the wind is in the wrong direction Big savings on fuel costs when batteries are charged from solar panels and / or wind turbines At some point, we're going to have to stop using combustion engines On a recent demo, the 55' narrowboat I was on was propelled purely by a 10kw electric motor at ~3mph and the power coming from the solar panels exceeded the current being drawn by the motor. Obviously this was a lovely sunny day so this wouldn't always be the case, so the boat had a little diesel generator for our dull weather ( yes I know that's most days 😉 ). My current thinking is to attach (bolt or weld) a splined pulley onto the prop shaft close to the coupler, then bolt on an electric motor with a suitably sized splined pulley on it's shaft, with a nylon belt driving the shaft. The resistance from the gearbox is very low when in neutral so I don't think this would add much load to the motor when in electric mode, and the motors turn freely when turned off, so equally wouldn't add much load to the engine when under diesel mode.
  5. There are lots of folks considering / calculating / installing electrical propulsion for their boats. It would be great to have an area devoted to this so we can all share ideas.
  6. I bought a Halfords HB013 starter battery for mine about 3 years ago and it still works fine. It was about £60 then, and now they're £82 Choosing the right leisure battery is much more important, but IMHO for starting, it's just the same as a car starter battery so save yourself some cash.
  7. Fairer - absolutely 👍 Fairness seems to be a dying art...
  8. Just got an email from EA informing the outcome of the licencing consultation: They will: implement many elements of the charge framework as proposed and consulted not implement the area-based charge on any of the waterways, we will keep the current charge mechanisms for powered and unpowered enclosed boats increase charges by 4% in 2022, 4% in 2023 and 2% in 2024 I'll be up upgrading to an extra-wide beam for no extra charge then...
  9. I used commercial foam insulation panels (the kind with aluminium skins) and sealed gaps as best as I could with aluminium tape. After 3 years it's all looking fine behind the ones I checked. As others have said, keeping moisture laden air out is key.
  10. When I was a kid, my Dad always said "pitch fully fine, 49/50" before we set off in the car (he was in the RAF) - maybe this is where it all came from? 😋
  11. Spot on with your rpm estimates! Probably nearer too 1400 for cruising, so maybe I just need to get better soundproofing / silencer. The prop is 440mm according to the pre-purchase survey.
  12. Hi all, I'm keen on having my engine run at lower revs so it's quieter so if possible would like to increase the propeller pitch. Are there any prop experts that might hazard a guess to the pitch in the attached photo? fyi the engine is a 33bhp Vetus M4.15, which is based on a 1.5L Mitsubishi engine, driving a 38ft narrowboat. Thanks in advance. Nick
  13. Thanks all - fairly unanimous recommendations that converting would be a very bad idea!
  14. Thanks TD I quite like the idea of having a separate throttle control / gear lever - I know some trad boats have setup - what's the thinking on doing this conversion on a more recent boat / engine?
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