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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toggle-Flick-Switch-Momentary-Metal-On-Off-On-Spring-Waterproof-Cover-car-dash-/130873081407 I used one of these - it returns to centre (off) on it's own. The waterproof rubber cover slips off if you don't need it.
  2. You're right there Matty - I held back because I thought there might be condensation to deal with. Double d'oh!
  3. 1st of May I started preparing my boat for painting. It's rained ever since. It's now more rusty than it was before I started. D'oh
  4. We've got a Boatman too and very pleased with it (and delivered personallly with useful tips from Eddie). I wouldn't have a coloured finish though.
  5. There's lots of short rage on this forum
  6. I got 3/4 inch BSP to 22mm compression adaptors which screw into the brass fittings in the tanks. The front tank fills from the top (drilled to take the filler), and feeds to the back tank via the 22mm pipe, then a 22mm to 15mm tee allows a 15mm pipe to take water from both tanks through the bulkhead to the pump. If you can fit any raised breathers in the deck I would recommend this to reduce condensation on the inside of what was the old tank.
  7. Yes, I unscrew the lids so I can grab hold of the lip, and lift them out.
  8. The inside is treated, but if need be I can easily disconnect the compression fittings, pop the tanks out and clean / repaint.
  9. Here you go: https://www.grippatank.co.uk/140-litre-upright-water-tank
  10. Yes, 2 x 120 litres, connected at the bottom so they fill equally. I'll dig out the suppliers name for you tomorrow.
  11. Your tank looks just like mine did. I bought some plastic tanks that just fitted through the foredeck hatch, and now I've got 240L of onboard water I can drink, rather than 1000L of water I wouldn't wash my car with.
  12. Yes it is quite remote - the Middle Level and Great Ouse network have many miles of straight wateways with high flood banks so the surrounding countryside isn't visible. There is a good chance you will not find a mooring space in some areas - not that you will be competing with hundreds of boats, but the moorings are usually quite short.
  13. A few hours navigating followed by a little fishing makes me doubly happy.
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