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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Just thought this may help as well. http://www.lpgmap.co.uk/ for availability there are other similar available.
  3. It is not illegal but some garages/supermarkets do not understand the difference between purpose designed refillable bottle systems and just 'ordinary' gas bottles and have put a ban on 'gas bottles' the poor attendants only see bottles and do not understand the difference. See post #16 and for more info try one of the Motor-home sites/forums, do a search as it comes up quite often. http://forums.motorhomefacts.com/index.php http://forums.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/5/ http://www.motorhomefun.co.uk/forum/ You may have to register but not to search and look.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. A Lynch motor is an electric motor that can drive a belt/pulley
  6. The generator will not mechanically drive the boat via a belt ( the bearings etc. would probably not take the load.) it will need an electric motor, the generator could be anywhere in the boat. I think Loddon's idea of a trolling valve is worth a look.
  7. Refilling will be a problem. Refilling opportunities are getting less and many garages are not stocking as there is a reduced demand, less vehicles running on gas. Many Motor-homes have a purposely designed systems using bottles and some/most garages and supermarkets will not let them refill. Those with purpose built under-hung tanks are usually OK but even them some stations are 'awkward'
  8. Well it's been two days since the original post, signed off one minute later and not been heard of since. i think this thread can die in peace.
  9. Whilst September can be a good month for weather, it is possible that the Severn could be 'in flood'. So a contingency plan will be required.
  10. or replace the missing spoon, I kid you not. As to the OP I was sympathetic at first because of his naivety in thinking it was a good idea but the insult thrown was the decider. No help from here.
  11. Having read your second post, I would say as per Mike in post#2. Neither you or your brother are boaters, sorry if a bit harsh but you both have lives that are shore based. As to spending lots of money (thousands) that will not be recoverable because of a guilt is definitely not the way to go. Do not under estimate the cost (thousands) and the time (years) that it will take to sort the boat. The only reason to keep the boat is if you or your brother are absolutely, positively sure you want to live on the canals. If you decide to keep it, remember the ongoing costs, licence
  12. As to what you have done wrong will only be guess work, you may need to get someone in that can check it for you, of course they need to have some knowledge of how boats are wired. Have you connected all the cables you disconnected and if so put them back in the correct place.
  13. Have a look here a http://chandlerydirect.com/chandlery-store-uk/12-volt-inverters-chandlery-store.html ps. Have bought from this company but am not connected in anyway whatsoever.
  14. The definitive answer... ask the marina as they will be different . Some do,some don't some maybe, some maybe if you do not broadcast it.
  15. You are correct, the resale of electricity is that it is only allowed to be sold at the price they buy it at but a service charge is allowed. As to The answer is yes or possibly no. Each and every marina will be different.
  16. Strange, I would sooner smell effluent than elsan blue. To OP as per post #2, we use Odourloss in our black tank. If previously used 'blue' then a thorough clean of tank/cassete is necessary or the blue will kill the good bacteria.
  17. No, not really it will be OK possibly for a year, the best way is as you detailed remove, treat, and paint.
  18. Probably as above. My phone, I know not an i-pad but I did have it set to update only on Wi-Fi but forgot I have Wi-Fi on board and the phone had been 'paired' with it. So automatic updates are now turned OFF, of course I do, do regular checks, usually in the pub.
  19. Hi Andy Al the above is very technical and correct. Just to possibly confuse you more, I have six batteries (130 amp.hr each) wired to give 24v so my bank is in theory, 390 amp.hr @ 24v. The usable capacity,in theory is 195 amp.hrs The BMV SOC reading was way out because the default battery capacity is 200 amp.hr, the BMV battery capacity has to be set correctly for your bank but without a proper test procedure you cannot know the true capacity of your battery bank and it is a constantly changing amount due to ageing and lack of complete charging. that is why the BMV is not the
  20. Not really just his normal, absolute, pedantic self. He may be being a little awkward but his posts in this thread are all correct. Others have taken a guesstimate.
  21. Confusion rained. 12v dc systems not working 240v ac systems are working As per others probably a fuse, circuit breaker has turned off the 12v dc.
  22. Original scenario/post. How to wind up and get people on their 'High horses' Go for the sympathy vote, imply you were defending yourself,then admit you broke the law.
  23. As with many things now, it would probably be cheaper to replace than repair. Inverters warm up gradually and cool gradually, no sudden changes and if there was, the fans should counteract it.
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