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  1. South Yorkshire Boat Club based at Great Heck (DN14 OBL) are planning their annual Open Weekend Sat 7th & Sun 8th Sept 2019. Our aim is to showcase our fabulous club with over 300 members plus family and friends attending we also have visiting boat clubs, local villagers and canal and countryside lovers. It is about having family fun. We have lots of stalls with entertainment, food and drink, but we are looking for anyone who maybe interested in having a stall for the weekend for a nominal fee of £20 for the weekend. We are looking for Farmers Market type stalls, artisan food and crafts amongst other things and anything a little bit different! There is no charge for community groups or charities. Places are limited but anyone interested please contact me for more information. It will be a great weekend with hundreds of people attending. Thank you. Mandy Pickard on behalf of SYBC. Email: ampickard@icloud.com
  2. Hi Martyn, Yes that's her, I believe they had a disabled child which is why the door was made in the transom, they did an excellent job with the grp.
  3. Hi Naughty Cal, we bought her from Newark marina where she had been moored for a couple of years. Thanks very much for passing on the info, it's funny you have posted because I've read your blog about your adventures lol your famous. Steve
  4. Hi Old goat, Yes they are more known for river and coastal but there are 4 of us with 33s or 37s just at our boat club (South Yorkshire Boat Club) on the Aire & Calder canal so it was just to try and reach as many as possible of these great boats. sorry if it's not aloud mentioning a Facebook page but I didn't know, I will also put it on the Thames page after I google it.
  5. Stevie101


  6. Hi I've got a Princess 37 but can't find a decent owner group for it so have started my own Facebook page the 'Princess 37 & 33 owners club" I would like to get a list of owners to share tips and stories about ownership of these great boats. So if your interested just search for us on Facebook
  7. cant miss Ken Bruce and Popmaster, I think it's all about common sense (which does seem to be lacking in modern times) while your in the wilds with no one around play your music sensibly, in a lock or when moored near other boaters,be considerate. we don't need laws just a bit of consideration and common sense
  8. Thanks guys especially wide beam boy, and X Allan W. I've posted on a few forums and apart from a few jokers had some good feedback and interesting views. I'll keep you updated
  9. Junior - we would keep there passport and driving licence, they would pay by credit card and a deposit would be taken. Bills - cant tell if your trying to be funny or sarcastic? ditch crawler - thanks I know it's not for everyone
  10. The idea is for the boater to take the boat out each day from the marina and return at the end of each day. There are many coves to anchor off to swim and sunbath all around Minorca. There would be either an option of half a days instruction by a RYA accredited instructor if no licence is held. The boats would be permanently in Minorca. Finally to answer Ray T All on this forum like to be on the water but some people also would like a bit of adventure to go along with this so asking the opinions of boaters on a number of forums seems like a good idea.
  11. A Spanish friend and myself are looking into setting up a boat hire business on the gorgeous isle of Minorca. We are looking at buying 3 new sports boats around 23 ft each that would be fully equipped for hire for either weekends or upto a week at a time. We have found a good marina with shore power and good facilities. I was just interested in a little market research into who would be interested and any views before we go any further into the project.
  12. Hi boaty people, Having made the big mistake of allowing my sister to use my boat (28 ft Elysian vito) while I was on holiday I've returned to find it looks like she has been ram raiding in it. The pulpit rail is severely bent at the front and looks a state, to say I'm fuming would be an understatement but unfortunately that's family for you. Can anyone recommend a company that makes new ones? As my boat is quite rare I can't see me being able to get another but if I remove this one I would hope someone could use it as a pattern for making another. Any help gratefully received thanks
  13. Hi Craftycarper The hight is to the roof of the boat, the canopy doesn't stick up any higher. Traveling with full water tank would probably help as would have staying on the boat but a lady sat in her back garden at the side of the cut said a boat had lost its canopy an hour before. Judging on the fresh scrapes in the stone work I believed her and didn't want to chance it. Thanks for the link Howardang I will check it out
  14. Hi I've used canal plan many times before for planning trips so I know it's not the most accurate thing in the world but I changed the preferences with the stats for my boat 27 ft long 9.6 wide and 8ft hight. I put in a route to Ragley boat stop and it said I could make it but when I got to idle bridge 3 ( just before the clock warehouse pub) it looked a bit tight. I stopped and decided to just pull my boat under so I could check and I'm glad I did as it wouldn't go which was a bit of a bugger. Does anyone know any websites that have the bridge hights listed that are reasonably accurate as this would be a great tool when planning?
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