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  1. Email Balmar, say you have on old unit with your firmware revision number and can not find the manual and ask if the have a copy of the manual that matches this version. You may come up lucky.
  2. As said above, the pump is starved. Most pumps will pump air, so 1. Turn the pump off. 2. Turn off the water feed from the holding tank at the stop cock. 3. Open all the taps, hot and cold. 4. Undo the pipe somewhere between the stop cock and the pump. Have a rag ready as a little water will leak. 5. Turn the pump on, it should now suck in air and blow this through the pipes. The problem can be emptying the calorifier as the hot water outlet is at the top. On my horizontal one, when the pump is running on air as per step 5, 6. Close all the taps and the calorifier pressures up. 7. Release the pressure relief valve (PRV) by turning the red knob, the air pressure in the top of the calorifier will blow the water out of the bottom. 8. Close the PRV and repeat step 7 until air blows out. 9. Turn off the pump, reconnect the water feed pipe and open the taps. 10. Disconnect the heating water coils and 230V immersion cable as required.
  3. This looks like a Surecal calorifier, just be aware that the often have a built in non return valve (NRV) in the brass manifold fitting as shown below which stops them draining out, although the who installed yours may have removed it given a drain has been added. I added a drain like that on my previous boat and had to remove the NRV, adding an in line one in the cold supply pipe the other side of the drain.
  4. The Mastervolt Alpha Pro regulator has two positive supplies like a lot of these regulators, one is the main power supply for the field coil and the other is intended to be switched to turn the regulator on and off and only has a small current demand. The control wire is, normally switched from the ignition via a relay for a standard install with lead acid, but for lithium you could wire this through the BMS "allow to charge" connection/ relay if it has enough current capacity or via another relay. The Balmar and Wakespeed units are the same.
  5. Building on Tony's and Nick's replies, if there is air in the radiators, then when things heat up the expansion will be more than with water, so the chances of overflowing are increased. Viscous circle, air in system causes more expansion and overflow, when it cools down, more air is sucked in, next heating cycle causes even more expansion, overflowing even more. Each cycle things get worse.
  6. I know I am a bit late on this one. I studied at Loughborough University and at one point presented at a conference in the US. I got introduced as .... gained his Masters degree from Lowbrow University in England .... and stood there in front of 400+ people trying not to crack up. Next time I presented I spelled it phonetically for the session chairman.
  7. There was no technical reason given, there was no untoward metal loss, it was just stated as best practice for future protection as Ex Brummie said. Which is why I told the buyer I would not reduce the price.
  8. As that looks like a Surecal calorifier, the non return valve is integral in the manifold arrangement so Surecal recommend putting the expansion vessel on the warm outlet pipe. This prevents the dripping of the PRV but is not the ideal location.
  9. Regarding your question about grit blasting and 2 pack epoxy on the hull, this seems to be a recent thing that surveyors are recommending. We sold an 18 year old boat last year, started with a 12mm base plate, never been on shore power in a marina and baseplate readings were above 11mm, but the surveyor stated it should be blasted and 2 packed so the buyer was asking £5,000 of the price. I said no.
  10. This is not the case. This clause was in the proposed T&C that were published during the consultation process but this clause was removed from the T&C when they were published after the consultation. The current T&C (Link to current T&C) does not contain this clause. The closest I can find in the current T&C is 4.3.3. the Boat’s livery does not display an association with any company engaged in a boat share business. which is to distinguish between private boat share schemes and commercial boat chare schemes. Half the thread is a moot discussion.
  11. An inverter charger is either charging or inverting, it can not do both at the same time, so when it detects mains supply from shore power or the travel power it stops inverting and goes to charger and passes the mains through the unit. You do not need to turn it to charger only, so when the travel power stops, the inverter picks back up automatically.
  12. Andy, The fabrication quality of the boat looked good, it was the design /aesthetics that I meant as being clunky, the wrapped stern looks like an afterthought and the way the taff rail is attached is not brilliant and the very pinched in cratch window and small bow locker also look a bit odd. My guess is that the owners, who had it built wanted it like this. There is also the leaning chimney, why not fit an angled through roof fitting like most boat builders so the chimney is vertical.
  13. We moored next to a Pintail Boats / Forton fit out for a few years that is now for sale, https://www.aqueductmarina.co.uk/second-hand-boats/the-owl-the-pussycat/. The design of the shell was a little clunky especially around the stern and bow but that may have been owners spec, otherwise it was OK. We never went inside so no clue to the fit out competency.
  14. Aqua Narrowboats, they often use Colecraft shells and have fitted out some boats for taller people. Not cheap and into 2023 for the next build slot.
  15. When you have one of the Epever Tracer controllers having a switch between the panels and controller can get used more as these controllers can get stuck at a low output if there is intermittent sun and shade. Stopping the current flow from the panels caused the controller to do a new maximum power sweep and get back to full output. Gone Victron now and no more switching the panels on and of a couple of times a week.
  16. Our new build has a 330 litre tank with a macerator toilet. It lasts 21 days for the two of us until the level gauge reads 100% without trying to minimise water for flushing. The toilet uses 1 litre on a small flush and 2 on a large one, but can empty without a flush for liquid waste. On the old boat we did 2 days on a 15 litre cassette toilet, so 21 days would be 160 litres, so the macerator uses a lot more water than the cassette, per Tracy's comment above.
  17. There is a good Facebook group on Refleks stoves, https://www.facebook.com/groups/334808647035734/ and that could also be a good source of information. There is a thread from earlier in the year with lots of narrowboat install photos, may be worth a look, see https://www.facebook.com/groups/334808647035734/posts/1132902143893043
  18. Victron smart battery sense £25 to £35 depending where you buy it, I know it is above you price range. Cheap seller here. I have not used one and the one thing I would mention is the the battery sense may be in the engine compartment with a steel bulkhead in the way which may weaken the signal. It should be possible to extend / route the wires into the electrical area inside the cabin to improve things. I have some Victron components with Bluetooth in the rear electrical cupboard and can pick the signal up on my phone throughout the cabin.
  19. Many boat fitters who fit out in the water do this. How acceptable it is depends on how the fitter finishes the boat at the end of the build. The better ones take the boat out of the water, remove the windows and fixings then grit blast it all over and do a full paint job. If the boat is painted over the aged primer and rusted hull then not good. You would need to check what is done in your particular case.
  20. Spot on, 12V are typically 3 to 4kW, the OP's is 8kW at 24V.
  21. Lithium batteries are the wrong choice for a bow thruster because they are not normally rated for the high current demand unless you install a large bank
  22. Looking at the first footage and the drone footage it appears to have opened up into a culvert and not actually broken through the whole of the bank.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. I have read a Victron document that states the IT output voltage is 5% above the input when unloaded. According to the measurement from the Multiplus on the Cerbo GX it is 263V, which means the incoming mains in the marina is 250V. I used a cheap DVM and confirmed that the incoming mains was well above 230V but within acceptable range.
  25. You can download the inverter manual from https://www.victronenergy.com/support-and-downloads/manuals#item=manuals-multiplus The victron numbering of inverters is 24 = 24V, 1600 = 1600VA (not quite the same as Watts but close), 40 = 40A charging current into the batteries at say 30V max. So this is about 1200W so about 5 to 5.5 Amps st 230V.
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