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  1. Chimney chain

    Looks like a Lesters can to me.
  2. Surveyor Recommendation Please

    Iain Jones is my preference.
  3. Dry dock stop planks - advice requested

    The first thing we did was burn the old stop planks for ours and fabricate a new steel guilottine gate. Not cheap even done in house, but saves a hell of a lot of time, doesn't leak and keeps the dock far cleaner.
  4. Glascote top lock

    The collar on the top gate had snapped and the gate couldn't be opened. I reported it to CRT, told them exactly what it was and they were out within half an hour with all the right kit and spares, all sorted and open after an hour and a half: Great job.
  5. Who is the painter?

    Ron Hough.
  6. Tamworth engineering supplies...

    Good to see you and I'm pleased we could help.
  7. Tamworth engineering supplies...

    I have some M10, M8 and a few smaller ones.
  8. 100 Norton Canes Narrowboats

    Hi All, My father, Graham has owned and run Norton Canes Boatbuilders since 1986. He is currently building his 100th boat for Norton Canes, NB. Honesty. Inspired by Sarah's Town Class Sticker Album I have set myself the challenge of finding a photograph of every boat that he has built. While I'm at it, I might as well make a gallery for the Malcolm Braine boats that he built too! I've made a start by creating an owners gallery on our website, which can be found here: http://www.nortoncanesboatbuilders.co.uk/register.html As you can see I'm quite a way off my target, so I need a bit of help… If anyone on here owns, or knows someone who owns a Norton Canes or a Malcolm Braine boat could you please send me some information about your boat? I am looking for the following information: Name (If re-named, both original name and new name) Build Date Build Number (Norton Canes will start with 10 ie. 1001 for number 1) Length Other Info (Engine, Fitter, Mooring, whatever you want to tell me) Photo (either current or old photo) Please sent any information that you have to: sarah (at) nortoncanesboatbuilders (dot) co (dot) uk Thanks! Sarah
  9. Historic Boats for sale online

    Have a look at Violet which is for sale at Alvecote Marina.
  10. Seeking a Bolinder 9hp engine

    Not in a boat, but we've had this running in the car park. http://youtu.be/QgABpCiGVQ4
  11. Jack Haddock

    I only had the pleasure of meeting Jack once at Walsall Local History Centre, a lovely chap very well regarded in the area who has left a wonderful legacy of photos appreciated by so many. Our local Blog has done a great piece about him: https://brownhillsbob.com/2016/03/30/jack-haddock-1927-2016-walsall-has-lost-a-true-son/ RIP Jack.
  12. Yarwoods steel quality

    They did a number of FMC boats in coppered steel, we owned Acacia which was one of these boats, whereas my current boat Lamprey is Iron.
  13. Thanks for posting Alan, it's interesting to compare Sickle with Theophilus, which we currently have in the shed, as we're replacing V bottom. Jason, we had Tycho on the dry dock recently and pulled Theophilus up the slip, neither required supports as the V bottoms are incredibly shallow.
  14. Recommended boat hull/steel

    I'll help him 😉 That's one thing that will never happen...
  15. Glascote locks stoppage

    The lock has just this minute re-opened.
  16. Glascote locks stoppage

    We've got the CRT chaps in Glascote Basin at the moment as they are using our site to keep their welfare unit and for parking. Yesterday the site foreman came to tell me that the top lock will be open on Friday, but there is a new stoppage now on the bottom lock that will start on 22nd Feb and run for two weeks. Sarah
  17. I can get you on the dock at Glascote next week. Give me a call on 01827 311 317. Regards Sarah
  18. Glascote basin

    Theophilus, Tycho & Bream at the moment. Soon to be four, probably five...
  19. Glascote basin

    It's coming out for survey in the next few weeks.
  20. Glascote basin

    Didn't you see the other Dave(ntry) Harris boat we've got in there? Not to mention four Norton Canes, three Yarwoods, a Roger Fuller, a Malcolm Braine and seven Hudsons.
  21. Horace Foster from Wolverhampton Boat Club

    Lovely chap, he was known locally as 'H'. AMModels is his nephew.
  22. BCN Challenge 2015

    Sorry, we needed to get away so that we could get the boat back to Alvecote, we managed to get down Aston that evening. Hopefully we will see you around somewhere, maybe Braunston? Is there a list somewhere of previous winners of the challenge? It would be quite interesting to see.
  23. BCN Challenge 2015

    Very pleased with that result, we found it a lot harder going this year with levels off on the Wyrley and the Rushall. We didn't quite cover the ground that we did last year, but I am guessing other teams didn't either. Well done to everyone taking part, I am especially pleased to see a Norton Canes in the top 10!
  24. BCN Challenge 2015

    Thanks Richard, I'm sure Team Tawny Owl won't make it an easy title to defend.