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  1. How about ....https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-traditional/586824 Or https://www.midwayboats.co.uk/boatsforsale-309.html
  2. Marine Engine Services (midlands) 01926 356200
  3. And I have lived on and boated on all sorts of sterns for 40 years in all weathers and prefer the trad every time . seriously get the arse end that works for you n your doggo
  4. Chris-B

    New boat

    Hope all goes well
  5. Fix Or Repair Daily .......sounds about right to me
  6. Spotted on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/National-Stationary-Engine-/133456882533?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  7. Thanks 10% was my nominal losses calc plus another 3% for cable losses
  8. Thanks j Thank you I couldn’t remember the average .... back to calcs
  9. Brain has filed and cannot retrieve information what the formula steps to convert AC wattage to DC amperage .. I know I have to build a loss factor in for inverter etc. I can do the i = v/r etc but how to transpose 230v ac to 12 v dc brain dead fool I need wine
  10. For information I spoke to the chap again yesterday and he agrees that the best thing to do would be relocate the water heater to the new kitchen area I have assisted him with information only and given advice when I felt was necessary and Wish him good luck with the refit
  11. Thank you to all who posted . a different answer to what I thought, so if he is not a “Liveaboard” and declares himself as such then theoretically he can Like most said however it’s not a good idea on that I agree 100% , I for one wouldn’t want to I will chat to him about this and hopefully change his mind about relocating the water heater as part of the refit Chris
  12. HN this is the older non room sealed version it’s been in the boat for ages just that the room configuration is changing from kitchen to bedroom and he wants to put it in an open bottom cupboard
  13. Well thank you for your definitive and informed answer biscuit tin if I knew you better and felt you wouldn’t take offence and have a hissy fit i might have called you a prat I can of course read a set of Bss guidelines , but wanted to Chuck the question out here for real world opinions I thought it was more of a possible issue as it was possibly restricted for airflow and in a bedroom just my observation
  14. Chatting with a chap today who is gutting and refitting his 1970’s harborough narrowboat ( ex hire ) and he said that when the refit is completed the paloma gas water heater would be in a cupboard in the bedroom ( currently the kitchen ) i was not sure this would pass BSS despite it passing as a kitchen Thoughts ...??
  15. Thanks Tony need to try and sketch out a calorifier / central heating plumbing diagram next Did I mention I hate Plumbing lol c
  16. Musing over ideas and swmbo comes up with the statement of : if we had a planar heater can this be switched over just to heat the calorifier in summer , but still run the central heating in winter .? my befuddled brain ( which loathes plumbing) started to think of change over valves etc etc Am I missing the obvious ..... c
  17. Modern have no soul still horses for courses all gets us afloat that’s all from me as I await the slagging off
  18. Cut was built on proper engines ... see I can be nice when warranted stay frosty
  19. You do not need those power figures quoted .. a 9 ‘oss puts a 70footer along nicely look at the type of engine before assuming you know the answer please live long and prosper
  20. How much is a beta jd3 worth........asking for a friend....;)
  21. Both ends put back together mate ....to keep it right ... you only had to ask ...
  22. You could always have a chat with Malcolm Burge at Alvecote He has a few boats and everything is for sale .......now I do wonder how much for................................
  23. Thanks to all who answered I agree that if located by an access the twin wall makes sense but this one is more of a “ cost effective solution” but wanting to keep within the framework of any current codes of practice etc will pass the findings over to the owner cheers c
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