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  1. We thought about it prior to CYPRUS and immediately agreed it’s not the right boat for us it’s not really a cabin boat as the conversion. Kn my opinion. Is shyte and it is not financially viable to change or reconvert to working trim
  2. As we’re setting off for Brinklow soon ( the long way round) I really do need to attend to CYPRUS’s gearbox as it doesn’t seem to hold back with any efficiency now I do know that David put a really good crowther prop on so I presume it’s down to gearbox adjustment I have been told by a couple of reliable sources it’s just a matter of taking the control rod off the box and adjusting it forwards or backwards a quarter of a turn to see how it is has anyone actually done this or am I walking into a minefield Happy to get hands dirty BUT have never touched one of these boxes……all advice/ info gratefully appreciated Chris
  3. We looked at it as well before getting CYPRUS
  4. Congratulations on your purchase …nice Butty
  5. I used to love the cross channel runs when it was as rough as hell ..9/10 eat and drink as much as you liked for free as everyone else was as sick as a dog me and my mate mike just laughed it all off and had another brekkie with a chaser
  6. Michael Keaton played Batman in a film …. #hopethatexplainesit
  7. And that is the difference , few will see it BUT some will and they appreciate the detail
  8. Have a look in the sales area
  9. Hiya Matty ..lol… that’s another beer I owe you I’m still around just not as Canalworld active as I used to be hope all well chris
  10. Late to the party hence the edit lol
  11. Late to the party but …when we got our J2 , Dick said to start on Aspen fuels as it doesn’t clog up works for us
  12. Just seen these for sale https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional-for-sale/529956
  13. Amazon chopping finger engaged … thank you brain wouldn’t come up with a clever idea , tried starbrite and white vinegar ty
  14. This one has sat around a while and has quite a limescale build up in the pan starbrite don’t touch it … need to get it clean , what limescale remover etc is safe for a pump out that has only had a biological treatment gotta keep the punters happy Chris
  15. Neil Todd was the chap at cowley , Also owned Greenlaw
  16. If I recall correctly Orianne is currently residing at Roger Fullers yard at Stone but there again I may be wrong just imagining it Chris Bantock Mk 2
  17. Not playing the scorecard walks away whistling
  18. As a broker I can assure you that none of the above was me .. I certainly do not not treat any Possible client like that sti I have standards . Treat everyone as I would like to be treated we don’t always get it 100% right but a I do try
  19. ”As a broker” .... you do realise that despite you have spent £xx k on it in the last three years it’s only worth £5000,00 to A blind man with no sense of smell and no mates to advise them . , Actually said to a chap who said it was worth 45k .. 1970/ 1980’s Harborough cruiser stern Fiberglass top .. last year
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