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  1. i feel so relieved if thats the case as i just cant understand the inlet pipe situation lol , im going to check with him again tomorrrow thankyou so much
  2. really? my boatbuilder is saying i cant do that as when the BSC is done it wont pass also the gas will be half the pressure if we add a connector (is that true ?)
  3. I know this is why its so confusing my boat builder said im not allowed a 15mm inlet pipe which is what they all are, I have to find a 8mm inlet pipe and I just cant find one ??
  4. thankyou so much im looking at those now x
  5. thankyou rob , yes i have but i need a black hob which they dont do and they dont do shower enlosures
  6. Hy please can someone help ,,my boat has been completely rebuilt and its time to buy the appliances i need a shower enclosure 1700 high which is proving impossible to find and a lpg hob which again i cannot find , please can someone point me in the right direction for appliances
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