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  1. Drop down to Furness Vale and moor Marple side of the Swing bridge. Not far from the shops at New Mills and easy access to the same train line as Whalley Bridge if you need get anywhere
  2. The re routing of the trains via the new Ordsall curve to Victoria was to stop the airport trains to Yorkshire having to cross the throat of Piccadilly station which along with the Yorkshire to Liverpool trains crossing over effectively shut the terminus platforms at Piccadilly for approximately 15 minutes every hour. The Liverpool trains now go over the original chat moss line from Victoria and that freed up the Oxford road corridor allowing the Airport trains to go via Victoria making more time for local services out of Piccadilly, including the Transpennine trains that do stop at Stalybridge. The frequency of trains was upped a couple of years ago with the expectation that the line would be electrified but this was paused for a few years and is only now getting back on line, with the faster accelerating and breaking electric trains it is expected that the current level of trains can be kept on time with them stopping at more of the intermediate stations.
  3. I don't know, since it was took over a few years ago its always full of Rail Ale Trailers few of which drink proper beer and lots of the locals now drink elsewhere, including myself. The two Micro bars near the canal are good, with Bridge Beers being my first stop of the evening. Remember he does close early, you have to be in by 21:00 on a Saturday and he has you out by 22:00. The good news is the Crafty is only five doors away and next to the canal bridge
  4. let me know when you are coming up the HNC .PM me and I'll meet you in Stalybridge and show you the decent pubs
  5. Chester run is an easy week. Middlewich first night, White bear for food and beer Top of Bunbury Second night, Walk to the Dysarts Arms Christleton, The Cheshire Cat, or into Chester near the Steam Mill Turn below Northgate and come back up, The Shady Oak look for opening times as you pass going down Middlewich or the Salt Barge last night
  6. Nearer than the Buffet, in fact just on the street below lock 6W there are two micro bars, Bridge Beers the owners of which have just opened their own brewery, and the Crafty Pint adjacent to the bridge. Both well worth a visit.
  7. I would either do the half hour run to Droylsden Marina, you can tie up in the marina overnight and there is shopping and a nice little bar called the silly country five minutes walk away, or its a couple of hours and six locks up the Huddersfield to Stalybridge. You can wind above lock 7W either in the evening or the morning after. Lots of boats moor in the square or near Tescos, and have a wander up to the Crafty Pint and Bridge beers on Melbourne street, the pedestrianised road just below lock 6W
  8. Nip over the hills and try the Macclesfield and upper peak Forest. Heritage Narrow Boats are on the lower section, so you have the twelve locks at Bosley a few swing bridges and you are at Bugsworth in three days so an easy week there and back. Beautiful canal and lots of decent overnight and lunchtime stops with good pubs.
  9. Try the guys at Bollington Wharf. They made me a new flue a couple of years ago. Did a great job
  10. I wouldn't dare offer him anything like that
  11. As was my brothers boat. It was built in the hold of Viktoria
  12. To the OP the service provided by CRT relies on volunteers assisting boaters through this area. Most of these are well used to the trials and tribulations of the Rochdale canal, and some have been involved in boating and canal restoration for fifty years or so. As with any volunteer service the people involved have other things in their lives especially now following not being able to get out and do what they enjoy over the past year or so. If you are lucky enough to get Ian Mac or one of the others to help you you will have a great experience. Don't look on the request for help as being a waste of time all involved give of their time and vast experience for the love of these canals and to help people in the hope that they will enjoy the trip and to encourage others to use this canal
  13. I replaced my Morso which was worn and cracked with a boatman made by Eddie in Farnworth a couple of years ago. It is a very good stove, slightly smaller than the Morso but more than equal to it for heat output. It gets hot quicker as well. I am a great fan of it and wouldn't buy another Morso instead of a boatman if I needed another stove. Also Eddie is a great bloke to deal with. We only live around the M60 from his workshop so picked it up off him and had a good natter about the stoves while we were there.
  14. Yes, there are a number of volunteer Ranger Lockkeepers who may be able to give you a hand if requested on the Rochdale, Ashton and HNC, all are local and boaters who know the area and can give advice as well as help
  15. I must admit the apocryphal tales of doom in the canals of Manchester annoy me, having boated on the Ashton Rochdale and Peak Forest since their reopening in the seventies and only had the odd incident in the early days I find it amazing that people still keep up the stories. Most of the areas where trouble was rife have now been redeveloped and gentrified and are full of bright young things working from home with BMWs and Audis outside their apartments and houses
  16. Where were these boaters and have they been through Manchester or are the stories the usual second hand rubbish. I last came down through Manchester via thw Ashton and Rochdale Nine last month with some friends who are in their seventies and they had no problem on the Ashton and overnighted in piccadilly village before we went down the Nine with them the next day. I will also be comeing up both these canals again early July, and will let you know how we get on, that's if we survive the feral Mancs You may also be happy to know that there are a number of Ranger Lockkeepers (Volunteers) who are mainly local and boaters who if you ask CRT may be available to help you through both the nine and the Ashton locks
  17. They are looking pretty full at the moment, we went passed last weekend
  18. The moorings at Marple and Furness Vale are both owned by the people at Furness Vale Marina. They did have vacancies recently so I would have a word with them. The numbers in the book
  19. From the BSS. The pipes will have a label stating Non Return Valve Fitted on them
  20. well if the regulator is fitted to the bottle then there won't be hoses from bottle to regulator so it won't apply
  21. Remember hoses from bottle to regulator must have non return valves fitted
  22. It just means the same as always, you can only moor somewhere for 14 days which is the same as a CCer . Going to the pub and back 5.1 states you reset to a new journey each time you return to your home mooring so going out for a weekend and then back is one journey. Then it resets so you can do the same the weekend after should you so wish
  23. Eddie that makes them is a really nice guy, but don't call him too early in the morning he's not an early riser.He will call you back if you leave a message. We picked ours up so no delivery costs. but there again he is only just around the M60 from me
  24. The Boatman stove we have works very well and the Back Boiler is very efficient. Available from Eddie at Northern Fabrication Services | (boatmanstove.co.uk) (no connection to me, just a very satisfied customer)
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