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  1. Ms Horton will be right. Ms Horton is always right.
  2. A good few years ago there was some mention on one of their pages about the Trenton Mersey canal although i am the last person that should highlight someone spelling.
  3. And of course they are dredging between High Lane and Marple which will add to the dropping of the level although what effect that will have on what is perhaps a 10mls stretch between stoppages i dont know. Suppose it all adds up. We came down from Marple to Higher Poynton today and it was a bit sluggish and few boat leaning over where normally mooring is okay.
  4. If you think thats the rudest thing posted on here you aint been around long enough.
  5. Don't know if anyone else has noticed but the CRT give both winding points as above Big Lock i.e. Wardle Junction firstly and then between bridges 172 (which i think is aka Town bridge} and 172a which is of course the footbridge in question.
  6. Rode Heath or Wheelock are probably a safer bet than Middlewich. Both are on bus routes, Wheelock is on the Middlewich route not quite sure which route Rode Heath is on. Wheelock only a short bus or taxi journey to Sandbach railway station also.
  7. Tony by any chance (just going off your location)?
  8. £25.94 was the price we paid for Calor at Etruria a couple of weeks back. We've moored at most of the locations mentioned in the thread without incident. Holy Inadequate is the best pub on the system for my tuppence, if you can stand Jasons jokes that is.
  9. Now that Middlewich Boats are no longer operational i have seen boat moored along that stretch quite regularly.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Sorry summat cropped up so couldn't walk up yesterday. Good news is i walked up today just before lunch and they were just getting ready for opening up passage. So already to go 3 days early if i am not mistaken.
  12. We are sat above Big lock and had a walk up this morning. Top gate is fitted, brickwork looked pointed up, not sure about other bits and bobs. Can't see any reason for an overrun. i'll have another walk up tomorrow if i get cahnce and ask the question.
  13. I went passed Claymore hire base a few weeks back having previously emailed and left phone messages, neither received a reply, about hiring the dry dock. As i passed a guy was milling about so i asked about availabilty for early spring. The gist of his reply was that Claymore will have got rid of it by then but to whom he knew not or maybe they lease it and are giving up the lease.
  14. Was there any reason why this work was not scheduled for a November start then should the job be bigger than first thought there would have been a bit of wiggle room?
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