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  1. It’s just my opinion, no one has to agree with it. Alan of Enfield knows everything, apart from some obvious things. For me the simple way to make PDF’s available would be to host them and share them on Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud etc.
  2. Anyone with half a brain can work around that.
  3. You probably don’t want to hear this but it might have been advisable to find a mooring before buying the boat. The area you want to moor in is difficult to find any type of mooring in never mind a wide beam. You can find marinas and boatyards on Canal and River Trusts website and you need to get on there and start ringing around. Not all places will allow you to live permanently on the boat so you need to check that as well. Good luck.
  4. Moose Drool is an American beer brewed in Montana so the owners could be American or just liked the name.
  5. It really does depend on the reason for the water being there. Possibilities are blocked drainage channels, not necessarily a big deal, or a breached hull which is much more problematic. Without knowing the cause it’s impossible to give sensible advice.
  6. My first boat was an Owl class Mick Sivewright boat. Bought her for £14,250 in 1997 and sold her for £22,000 in 2005. Despite being only 30ft she could sleep four people and we often were four for a week at a time. Everything was compact and everything had to have its place. The Vetus engine was only 11.5HP which was fine on the canals but we had to be careful when we moved to moor at Dewsbury not to go out on the river sections when there was increased flow. She was originally a cruiser stern but the previous, first owners had her changed to a semi-trad. Their annual cruise was from their mooring at Lower Heyford up to Micks place where the boat would get a service and other jobs done. All in all a great first boat.
  7. Skeg

    Scout boat

    The Calder & Hebble is a navigation. The River Calder runs very close to the canalised section the boat is in, I suspect the river overtopped its banks and the water flooded part of the canalised section. It doesn’t happen too often so there’s no point waiting for another flood unless Storm Dennis is going to bring a similar amount of rain this weekend.
  8. Skeg

    Scout boat

    In theory you could get a crane in there if the Navigation were happy to have their garden chewed up. The problem will be getting underneath the boat.
  9. It seems a bit expensive given that there is a lot to do to make it, how shall I say this, homely. It’s got the basics but nothing is looking well constructed or well finished. Lack of photos of the engine and engine bay a concern. It’s from 1992 and doesn’t look finished. Forget the 2019, it’s your survey that matters.
  10. There are a few things to consider depending on the boat itself. Tell us what type of boat it is, is it steel, fibreglass, how long is it, how wide is it, what engine has it got, what is the draft and air-draft. All these thing need to be taken into account before recommending a route. My suggestion for the quickest route depending on the boat would be to go down the L&L and Aire & Calder and up the Trent then the Trent & Mersey. It won't be six days but i think its probably the quickest route to Great Haywood.
  11. Just remember that if he's a good thorough surveyor there will be awful lot of information in the report. Some of it might be a bit scary but good surveyors put every little thing in their reports. Unless there are any real deal-breakers any defects can either be used to negotiate a lower price or to persuade the seller that they should correct the defects before the sale. It might be worth having an experienced and knowledgeable boater look through it with you.
  12. It's because it's considered dodgy round there. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is dodgy.
  13. Mine are 15 years old and still passed. However failed on no gauze in flame retarding device on diesel tank and unable to test the gas as although the bottles were turned off they were still passing gas and there was no isolation switch. I will look at Midland Chandlers trade in.
  14. Rubbish, nice deep moorings at Waltham Abbey. Middle of the cut no problem, we draw 2' 4'.
  15. See the One Plan. Only the One Plan allows tethering. http://store.three.co.uk/view/searchTariff?deviceType=SIM_ONLY&priceplan=PAY_MONTHLY
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