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  1. If it’s the one on Apollo Duck it looks OK but why does it have a survey that is one week old? Did the survey throw up something To scare off a potential buyer.
  2. I was gobsmacked to see the demolition on Spanish TV LA Sexta tonight. They went on to do the top five demolitions which included Didcot.
  3. Skeg


    Agreed, if only it was updated.
  4. Skeg

    Locks L&L

    There can be problems between Leeds and Rodley at weekends or school holidays and you have to have your wits about you at the 2 and 3 rises but it’s not that difficult really unless you are single handed. Some of the swing bridges are manual and can be a bugger to shift and some of the electrical bridges suffer regular breakdowns but in general the L&L is a lovely canal.
  5. They are mid-market boats. Not the best but not the worst. Different marques have their champions who will claim their boats are the best but I can’t say there is a definite number 1 builder.
  6. Whilton is a good place to look at a lot of boats in one place but buying from there can be fraught with difficulties. ABNB tend to take decent boats on their books and have a good reputation. Go to Whilton and crawl over lots of boats to work out what you want. Perhaps look elsewhere when it comes to buying.
  7. I was surprised to find that you didn’t need a boat licence in the U.K. Here in Spain the boat has to be licenced and insured and everyone who steers the boat has to have a licence. Getting a licence for a boat up to 6 metres is easy and needs only basic knowledge of Spanish but you are restricted to going only two kilometres offshore. It cost us about €150 each to get a licence. We went out on the testers boat for the day and the six people doing the “test” steered the boat for twenty minutes each, tied a few knots, answered a couple of questions and that was it. Of course no one failed to ge
  8. Maybe the couple were the arseholes and deserved to be pushed into the canal?
  9. It depends how bad the rust is. Light rusting can be removed by hand sanding but if it’s bad (pictures would help) you will probably need to use a power tools and maybe take it back to bare metal. Then you need to fill any holes and apply a good primer followed by the topcoats. As Athy says Craftmaster is good paint https://www.craftmasterpaints.co.uk You probably want a non-slip finish using an additive for the top coat otherwise it’s too easy for things and you to slide off the roof.
  10. I think a couple of fairies would be able to levitate it into the water for you. Maybe they can even organise a permanent mooring because otherwise they are difficult to find in Saltaire.
  11. My second boat said Skipton on the side. Many people asked things like, "how long does it take to get to Skipton from here". My response was usually "no idea" because we didn't moor at Skipton. I got some funny looks.
  12. In the news article i read it said that a number of boats were moved and this boat was squashed in between them and started taking on water.
  13. Speel chucker is garbanzos.
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