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  1. Alf27


  2. Alf27


    If any one is on the Narrowboatworld web team please can you check the "contact us" tab, as I have tried to comment on topics a couple of times recently but the link does not open. Thanks
  3. Alf27

    the system

    How long is a piece of string ? So to answer your question, how long per day do you intend to cruise, will you be stopping & looking around the places you pass through, will you cruise even in heavy rain or wind, will you be ice breaking during the winter ????? So it will take as long (or short) as you want to make it !
  4. If anyone is in the area of Audlem this Thursday, full details - http://www.audlem.org/newsroom/headlines/give-crt-your-views.html
  5. Alf27

    Driving service/help in West London?

    Go on, try it yourself, you never know you may be a natural !
  6. Alf27

    Narrowboat in peril?

    Once found that a new vibration was caused by an engine mounting coming loose causing the prop coupling to rattle
  7. Alf27

    Looking for new mooring

    Park Farm Moorings, about a mile Barbridge side of Stanthorne Lock on the offside, contact Peter Oakes on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/peter.oakes.90?fref=hovercard
  8. Alf27

    Side fenders deployed permanently

    Even in wide locks boats can get jammed by fenders if sharing with another boat, seen it & only just managed to avoid them getting serious damage !
  9. Alf27

    wall lights .. will these work?

    Yes 12v, but on a boat with normal charging systems sometimes running up to 14.8 or 15volts they may not take the higher voltage, ideally look for bulbs with a voltage range of 5 to 30 volts to guard against premature failure.
  10. Alf27

    LED Light Diffuser Film???

    Looking at it from another angle, if you reduce the voltage, will the light get dimmer ?
  11. Alf27

    Obsession with privacy on the Thames

    Many years ago saw a sign on the Thames above Newbridge " Mooring £25 per night" at the bottom of the sign had been written in felt tip "IOU £50" !
  12. Alf27

    Need some Hexagrip Marine Plywood?

    Try www.fortimber.demon.co.uk - Richard Potter in Nantwich good range of products.
  13. Alf27

    Possible 'blacking' restrictions ahead??

    Weed used to talk to the Flower Pot Men !
  14. Alf27

    Non-Tidal Thames Off-line Marina Moorings

    Wot he said, well done !
  15. Alf27

    Hatton Volockie

    Now getting to the serious point, did the volocky on Hatton say anything to you about dropping paddles ?? Getting coat !!