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  1. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    If DPD are just the UK carrier it may not track until they get it. I ordered some DVD's from Amazon France and the Parcel force tracking didn't spark into life until they arrived in the UK
  2. generater

    All 240V items will be off if you have the inverter turned off, but when you turn it back on then anything that was on in the marina will come on again. I mentioned the immersion because unless you run your engine in the marina or have another way of heating the water it is something easy to forget. I agree with the others its most likely you have knackered batteries but worth a check first that everything is off.
  3. generater

    Have you got something switched on like the immersion heater?
  4. 2 into 1 crimps

    Have you tried cablecraft, they sell all sorts and the quality is good
  5. I understand the RYA and IWA are also objecting to the proposals.
  6. Extending solar power

    We have had two tracers running in parallel since April and have had no issues. They are two identical units and I set the settings the same on each. I'm thinking of adding some more panels and a third tracer this year.
  7. London Boat Show

    I went Sunday and agree with this. On the whole most of the stalls were smaller with a limited choice of gear available. That is unless you wanted a paddle board, I have never seen as many stalls trying to flog them. Can just imagine trying to get one of those back on the underground.
  8. Camper Van

    We have a VW camper and I joined the Late Bay forum as a great source of info for that particular type of camper. Maybe there is a forum dedicated to the camper type you own?
  9. A planning application has now been submitted by BWML for this https://development.towerhamlets.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=DCAPR_124097 Although slightly modified to the image I posted in June last year, there is a significant reduction to the 24 hour moorings currently available. Currently the moorings are free for 24hrs then £25/night non bookable The visitor moorings will be £4.25/m/day (£76/day for a 60ft boat) with no free 24hr period. bookable only and pay in advance I think
  10. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    A little off topic, but I have just noticed that BWML have now submitted the planning application for new leisure moorings in Limehouse along the wall (currently the free 24hr CRT moorings where many boats currently moor up before entering the tideway). I personally think this is a bad idea, as I have often waited on the wall for the weather/tide to be right and the available 24hr free £25/night thereafter moorings, will be significantly impacted. I will be objecting, but, suspect its a done deal already.
  11. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    It is worth joining the Tidal Thames Navigators Club. They will send out free tide tables and a plasticised chart that has lots of useful info on it. I have found the PLA's bridge book to be a handy reference as it shows each bridge, spans to use and tidal influence likely for springs and neaps. (an abridged version is in the BW upstream and downstream tideway publications which are free pdf downloads). One thing not mentioned so far is weather. ie How windy is it, what direction, will it be raining etc Do you have someone who can fit the spare parts you're carrying and if the fuel filter needs changing, reprime the fuel system. Before going into the lock, I always have a walk down to the river for a quick eyeball to make sure I'm happy, conditions are OK. Also always check below the lock at the amount of detritus and its type (logs, bin bags, carpets etc) thats has gathered in the lock entry. With limehouse being on the bend and the angle of the entrance its a natural gathering point. I have asked the lockie to flush the lock on more than one occasion, to mitigate prop fouling.
  12. saniflo repair

    how is the flush controlled, ie is it a button on the toilet or a panel? In either case does it have a "evacuate" setting just to empty the bowl? What happens when you do this? As some have said it could be the macerator has something in it, I found a wet wipe in hours a few weeks ago and that was enough to stop it (nobody had put it in you understand it just appeared by magic). They also have an air valve, that allows air to escape and be sucked in during the flush cycle. These can get blocked and allow the bowl to fill but then not empty. If you look at the back of the toilet it is probably a small pipe at the top with a little rubber flap on it open to atmosphere. Get something like a cable tie and rod out that little pipe. For general maintenance, we have found putting white vinegar into the bowl and macerator once a month and allowing to soak for 12 to 24 hours, seems to keep formation of too much scale build up at bay.
  13. London Boat Show

    It was meant to finish on the 9th, but I managed to get one yesterday (10th) at 17:00 so worth a try if you've got an RYA membership number
  14. Eberspacher won't fire up!

    I have found this web site to be an excellent source of info on all things Eberspacher. Fault Finding and Servicing covered in a lot of detail. https://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/
  15. No hot water

    I don't know the answer to that. Is it possible to measure the flow rate through the shower, just get a bucket and fill for a minute from the shower head then measure with a measuring jug. The minimum flow rate for the pump according to the leaflet I have attached is 2.5l/min. If the flow rate is less then the pump will switch on and off. http://www.xylemflowcontrol.com/files/31x95_PAR_Max_1.9_and_2.9_Promo.pdf