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  1. Bricksh

    Tracer solar controler

    I use windows 7.
  2. Bricksh

    Tracer solar controler

    I have used a laptop to set up my 2 tracers. You need to get the right comms protocol and baud rate selected correctly for it to work. There is an excellent you tube video here that helped me. The software can also be used as a real time monitor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3LrWeYYtnQ
  3. Bricksh

    Running 1kw Immersion Heater Irom Inverter

    If your pulling 60A from a 3x 110AH (at C20) battery bank thats 20A per battery so much closer to C3 or C5 discharge rates so capacity will not be 150AH.
  4. Bricksh

    Barras Shire fuel Filter

    Hi We are moored opposite on JoNi. I have some paraffin on board if you want to try cleaning the filter
  5. Bricksh

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    I fitted Unisolars and Lensun flexis last year. Instead of gluing the whole lot down, I got some motorway grade magnetic adhesive sheets, which I stuck to the underside (this also adds a bit of padding for walking on). The magnetic sheets hold the panels in position. I then used outdoor silicon to seal the edges, which can be easily cut and removed if a panel fails/ I want to paint the deck. I have no need to walk on them regularly. If I did I would trust the Unisolars over the Lensuns.
  6. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    The filter element is what you have now ie the discs. Before you order you need to check the size as both the elements and cans are in two different sizes
  7. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    I used my filter discs first then went for the cans. If you have the discs no point wasting them
  8. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    yes and you just pull one can out and drop the next one in. You don't have to scoop out handfulls of smelly carbon dust
  9. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    Scroll down the page I linked
  10. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    you're welcome. The no smell cans I refereed to are available here (cheapest I can find them) https://www.abcstore.co.uk/Replacement-elements-for-no-smell-filters__p-617.aspx
  11. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    OK here's my experience. It will smell when you open the lid. What I do is wear a dust mask impregnated with obus oil or vicks vapour rub. The lid may well be stuck firmly on after two years. A large oil filter remover like a boa should release it. After two years the filters will in all probability have disintegrated, so you will not be pulling out individual discs but broken up carbon dust (put it straight into a sealable bag (It will stinK) Get all the old filter material out and the new disks will push in. They do need to be pushed firmly down to get them to fit, Grease the lid seal with vasaline so next time the lid is easier to remove. Finally, you can buy no smell filter cans now which are much easier to replace than the disks ( same thing really but in a plastic container and has silica gel in it to absorb moisture.) Its not difficult but it is a smelly job without the face mask and something on it to mask the smell Good luck ( I hate the job and always do it when my better half and dog are off the boat)
  12. Bricksh

    Vetus vacuflush

    Do you mean the no smell filter with carbony mesh type disks with a hole in them?
  13. Bricksh

    Troubleshooting Solar Panel

    On the orange wire going to the PV +ve there looks to be an in line blade fuse holder. Check that fuse hasn't blown
  14. Bricksh

    Jabsco par max 3.5 problems

    Just to add to the list of possible causes. Have you introduced any air into the system recently eg by running out of water, adding plumbing. If so you could be compressing air somewhere in the system causing pump to run for longer? What size accumulator? If you have recently adjusted it, I assume by pumping up the bladder, could it be it is now working normally and the 30 sec over run is the time to add the (6.5 litres of water, 30 secs of 13l/min) to the desired pressure within the accumulator tank.
  15. Bricksh

    First World Problem

    After years of searching and having food ruined by the tops falling of refilled single use salt grinders, I got an OXO one. Its very good and grinds salt nice and fine.(perfect for fish and chips). It so good we also got the pepper one, which is good and hasn't clogged. They were £10 each in Sainsbury's and much better than many expensive ones we have tried over the years

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