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  1. I went to a Championship match on Saturday and was pleased that the minute’s applause was for all the five who died. No mention of names, no photos of the chairman. I do agree that all the national mourning is over the top. It’s a Leicester thing and I understand their grief, but don’t understand why the whole country is expected to join in. And a simple bit of googling will show that the chairman wasn’t squeaky clean in his home country, as I am sure is the case for most if not all foreign football club owners. They are almost all dodgy people who use our lax financial scrutiny to launder money and give their families a safe life, good education and respectability.
  2. Proper Charlie

    Saving water at Foxton

    In which case there’s no difference between going up and down, in terms of water saving?
  3. Proper Charlie

    Saving water at Foxton

    We went up and then down Foxton in the last few days. Various different volockies told us that they had been instructed to favour boats coming down over those going up (ie: if a boat arrived at the top they would give it priority over one that had arrived at the bottom, even if the one at the bottom had booked in earlier). I asked why, and was told it was a recent management edict to save water. None of the volockies could tell me how it was saving water though. I would have thought that whether a boat is travelling up or down it is still causing a lock full of water to come down the flight. Can anybody explain the thinking behind this practice?
  4. Proper Charlie

    Lesson Learned. Acorns

    Our Labrador eats everything, including acorns. I know they’re bad for her but it’s impossible to stop her snaffling them completely. She manages to grab half a dozen per walk at this time of year. Also partial to walnuts and the occasional cooker. In spring it’s sheep poo, summer heads of wheat and all year round it’s grass and any sort of berry. Basically, she eats everything. Rarely ill though.
  5. Proper Charlie

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    The One Show had some voxpop stuff from Nuneaton last night. I know you can edit footage to cast a town in pretty much whatever light fits your narrative... but what an absolute bunch of thick morons they came across as. Just my opinion, of course.
  6. Proper Charlie

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    We came through Nuneaton a few weeks ago and saw drug dealing under one of the bridges. We also saw a man kick a large dog so hard it howled. Unfortunately, this was at considerable distance across a park. I didn't report it as I couldn't have provided an accurate description of the dog or the man, or where he went.
  7. Proper Charlie

    Mooring Suggestions GU, R. Soar, T&M

    The Leicester line is our local bit of water. It's very rural and lovely. Loads of good isolated moorings. Some people like going up the Welford Arm and visiting the Wharf pub, but it's not one of our favourite hostelries. Not much in the way of shops on this stretch apart from a Co-op in Crick and a small local shop in Welford. For a change of scenery, go to Market Harborough. Good moorings approaching the basin and I believe you can also moor in the basin if you pay. It's about a 10 minute walk into the centre of town - lots of good independent shops there, plus supermarkets. There's a new Co-op between the basin and the centre. Most people moor overnight near Kilby Bridge and head into Leicester from there without stopping. It's about 5 hours. In Leicester, moor at Castle Gardens (room for about 3 narrowboats, but you can also breast up) or Friar's Wharf (maybe five boats there). Both are good secure moorings. Castle Gardens can be noisy at night, with drunks returning home on the opposite side of the canal. There are new moorings near Abbey Park, above the lock there. Lots of pontoons last time we passed. Not sure if they're secure or what access to the city is like from there. After Leicester, I wouldn't stop until Birstall or beyond. Moorings are in short supply on the Soar although off the top of my head there are plenty at Zouch, and moorings on armco between there and Kegworth Deep. Then you're onto the Trent and then the T&M. Four very heavy locks after Shardlow. Alrewas is a good place to stop - shops and a few pubs / takeaways.
  8. Proper Charlie


    Came up Hillmorton yesterday and the volockie on duty was helpful and courteous, as he should be.
  9. Proper Charlie

    Denver to Boston via Kings Lyn and the Wash

    Before we crossed the Wash from Boston to Wisbech in 2016, I called our insurers (Haven) and they were quite happy with our plans, and imposed no restrictions/requirements.
  10. Proper Charlie

    Denver to Boston via Kings Lyn and the Wash

    Well done, it’s a great trip. We did it two summers ago, with Daryl.
  11. We're off on an extended cruise at the end of next week, heading to Llangollen for the first time. I know the cut pretty well as far as Fradley, but from there our route will take us into new territory - Trent & Mersey north, then cutting back on the Staffs and Worcester to Atherley, then up the Shroppie to Crewe, then to Llangollen. I'd be grateful for any advice on great places to moor and also those to avoid. We usually eat on board and like rural moorings, but also like to call in at pubs and restaurants every now and then. Thanks in advance! Charlie
  12. How strange...
  13. Yes, we did this a couple of years ago and we are both as mad as a box of frogs. Fact!
  14. Proper Charlie

    And we're off! Leicester and beyond ?

    If you’re going to Boston, don’t forget that you can cross the Wash and then head up the Nene all the way to Northampton. It’s a great trip, but probably best for you at the end of the summer on the way home.
  15. Proper Charlie

    Borrowing and anchor

    Not been on the Thames but I know those three. All gorgeous and highly recommended.

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