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  1. Proper Charlie

    Denver to Boston via Kings Lyn and the Wash

    Before we crossed the Wash from Boston to Wisbech in 2016, I called our insurers (Haven) and they were quite happy with our plans, and imposed no restrictions/requirements.
  2. Proper Charlie

    Denver to Boston via Kings Lyn and the Wash

    Well done, it’s a great trip. We did it two summers ago, with Daryl.
  3. We're off on an extended cruise at the end of next week, heading to Llangollen for the first time. I know the cut pretty well as far as Fradley, but from there our route will take us into new territory - Trent & Mersey north, then cutting back on the Staffs and Worcester to Atherley, then up the Shroppie to Crewe, then to Llangollen. I'd be grateful for any advice on great places to moor and also those to avoid. We usually eat on board and like rural moorings, but also like to call in at pubs and restaurants every now and then. Thanks in advance! Charlie
  4. How strange...
  5. Yes, we did this a couple of years ago and we are both as mad as a box of frogs. Fact!
  6. Proper Charlie

    And we're off! Leicester and beyond 😉

    If you’re going to Boston, don’t forget that you can cross the Wash and then head up the Nene all the way to Northampton. It’s a great trip, but probably best for you at the end of the summer on the way home.
  7. Proper Charlie

    Borrowing and anchor

    Not been on the Thames but I know those three. All gorgeous and highly recommended.
  8. Proper Charlie

    Proper Charlie

  9. Proper Charlie

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    It's this research: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/38060-simetrica-report.pdf
  10. Proper Charlie

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    Regarding these visits that CaRT log, do they differentiate between different sorts of visits and their duration? Surely my 24-hour day on the water on my boat should carry many times more weight than an office worker who has a quick cuppa in a cafe in sight of a canal. Or do they each count as one visit?
  11. Proper Charlie

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    Talking to a Volockie at Foxton yesterday, he said the new logo looked like somebody had dumped a tyre in the canal.
  12. Proper Charlie

    Warwickshire ring advice

    Another vote for the Cape. Greyhound at Hawkesbury is a good pub with added bonus of watching boats navigate a 180 degree turn. Good idea to book if you want food.
  13. Proper Charlie

    Middle levels

    We did the same during our 2016 cruise,staying at those marinas. Also joined the Friends and stayed on two of their moorings.
  14. Proper Charlie

    Brexit 2017

    Agree about the left behind’s. The referendum was a simple choice between change and the status quo. If your life is pretty terrible, if your wages aren’t rising or if you’re homeless or stuck in a zero hours job with no prospect of buying a house, who on earth would ever vote for more of the same? I wish with all my heart that these people hadn’t voted leave, but I can’t say I blame them.
  15. Proper Charlie

    Brexit 2017

    Because every passport now has to comply with international rules set by the aviation industry, which I believe influence its size as well as biometric details it carries.

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