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  1. There was in fact plenty about Banks giving money to Farage on the news, which I believe is what the Channel 4 programme will be about. This is also being investigated by the EU now. The electoral commission haven’t yet commented (this issue is different to the other one, I believe, and is about other foreign funding)
  2. But how do you know the Channel 4 programme will be supposition rather than facts, unless you watch it? I honestly have no idea what the programme will reveal, by the way. But I will watch it first and then make up my mind.
  3. No idea. Why don’t you watch it and find out?
  4. Channel 4 running a programme on Farage's funding this evening:
  5. Great stuff. Thanks. We’ve done that trip in reverse, also with Daryl, and loved it.
  6. That’ll be the same Le Pen whose campaign is being masterminded by Steve Bannon. Le Pen, Trump and Farage: what an appalling bunch of lying racists. Edited to add link. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/20/marine-le-pen-insists-steve-bannon-has-no-part-eu-election-campaign/
  7. Very tempted to name him Jennifer, but common sense says I could do without starting a social media war with Farage and his mates!
  8. I am personally well acquainted with one of the Brexit party candidates. He is a sitting MEP who is very proud of his salary, pension rights, free healthcare for life and so on, and will boast about same to anybody who will listen. He is one of the most ridiculous people I have ever met and is deeply unpopular with almost all who know him, including at least 30 people who I know. Over the winter, I had to insist that he ceased being a member of a fishing club I run, due to other members threatening to leave if he remained. Please, don’t get carried away with the quality of Farage’s candidates. They are no better than the rest of them, and in many cases much worse.
  9. Tories have lost 10 times as many seats as Labour. Media spin it as "Labour and Tories lose seats". What's going on? At current count:Conservative -903Labour -83UKIP -82Lib Dem +519Independent +419Green +130Theresa May thinks that this is the public sending a message that they want the two main parties to "get on with Brexit". I don't understand how the public overwhelmingly moving their support to the only parties with a clear message of Remain is telling the government that their mandate is to accelerate Leave.
  10. I have no time for Corbyn. Jess Phillips, though, is another thing entirely. And if she was to become leader, the Labour party might stand a chance of doing something. This is her on the BBC a few minutes ago:
  11. We quite often see youngsters from hire boats leaving the windlass on a raised paddle - and we always tell them not to do it, and explain why.
  12. Thanks for that. I used to live a couple of miles from where he grew up in Lamport, Northants. I’d like to read the book sometime, as i’m very fond of the Nene.
  13. I think it’s important to not compare any stretching of the truth, or casting of facts in a favourable light, with the outright lies told by the Leave camp, particularly by individuals such as Johnson and Gove who, in my view, should never again be trusted. And that’s without even going into the illegal practices of Farage, Banks et al. Remain may have fudged some issues, although we won’t know if their predictions are correct until such time as we have left he EU. But Leave lied and broke the law. We should never forget or forgive that.
  14. Land Rover closing factory for an extra week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47845057
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