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  1. Speeding boats are a pain but so too are slow boats. With a bit of consideration, for example by pulling over if you are caught up, we can all go at the speed we choose. There’s no right or wrong way to boat, as long as others aren’t inconvenienced.
  2. Just had a walk along the Greet, which flows into the Trent near Fiskerton. Day before yesterday, there was about 6" of water in it. This morning I reckon there's at least 4'.
  3. I live not that far away, and the Bleasby pub is good. The Bromley at Fiskerton is also good although busy on a sunny day. There are visitor moorings right by the pub (if you can get on them, that is), and a small shop next door. There's also The Full Moon at Morton, the best of the lot in my opinion. The Bromley and the Moon do good food, not sure about the one in Bleasby. Sorry, I know next to nothing about the moorings though.
  4. Many thanks to all respondents. Much appreciated.
  5. We like doing 6-8 hours a day, and prefer rural moorings where we can bbq if the weather is ok. But also enjoy good food if there are decent restaurants around. So... a bit of a mix really. Will also need one supermarket on the trip, probably around Berkhamsted. Thanks.
  6. We've never been south of Milton Keynes before and wondered what the collective view was on good (and bad) moorings between there and Brentford. I've done a rough plan, which will no doubt evolve, and expect our overnight spots to be; south of Leighton Buzzard; Marsworth; Berkhamsted; Cassiobury Park; Denham; and Brentford. Anything we should reconsider about that itinerary? We like a mix of moorings - some very rural, others by pubs/restaurants. From Brentford, we intend to go up the Thames before turning off to visit Bath (and maybe Bristol). Then back to the Thames, up to Oxford and onto the Oxford Canal. Not planned any of that in detail, but if anybody has advice on do's and don'ts then that would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  7. But Johnson (and Gove) were talking facts, not opinions, and quoted actual numbers which they knew, as senior ministers with access to the facts, was an outright lie.
  8. But it’s not the vote to leave that might cause these things to happen, but the actual act of leaving. Which hasn’t happened yet.
  9. Of course, nothing may come of this attempt to nail Johnson for his lies. But, then again, it might... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48445430 Whoops. Beaten to it!
  10. Mr Smelly and others: what is wrong with a position that in effect says "you indicated that you wanted us to leave the EU... we've taken that on board and negotiated what we think is the best deal possible. But it has drawbacks, so now we're checking for one last time that this is actually what you want."? Surely, that is democracy in action and for the life of me I cannot see how anybody could possibly have an issue with it.
  11. Interesting that fewer people voted for the Brexit party than signed the petition that so many Brexiteers belittled because it was only 6 million. Also, more than twice as many people who initially voted Leave, voted for parties other than Brexit.
  12. Her farewell speech is almost totally false and deluded. She would have gone down as the worst PM in my lifetime, were it not for that idiot Cameron who will take some catching. Johnson might give him a run for his money though. The appalling state of the Labour Party doesn’t make the Conservatives any less hideous. They are both a disgrace.
  13. I really hope this doesn’t happen, not for Brexit reasons but because climate change means we absolutely must stop shipping or flying stuff across the world when we can grow or make it closer to home.
  14. There was in fact plenty about Banks giving money to Farage on the news, which I believe is what the Channel 4 programme will be about. This is also being investigated by the EU now. The electoral commission haven’t yet commented (this issue is different to the other one, I believe, and is about other foreign funding)
  15. But how do you know the Channel 4 programme will be supposition rather than facts, unless you watch it? I honestly have no idea what the programme will reveal, by the way. But I will watch it first and then make up my mind.
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