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  1. Is this your actual experience or is it all hearsay? My own experience of travelling widely across the system is that the canals are in a far better condition than 30-40 years ago. Lock gates and paddles are easier to operate and I have had no problems from the canals silting up.. People generally dont let paddles drop except through carelessness nor do they often leave paddles up, I have only very rarely seen anyone trying to open the gates under power. Maintenance seems much better organised than in the past and I see no evidence of deterioration.
  2. NBDensie

    Andy Russell Gunwale paint

    Yes they do, but sadly they dont deliver. Thanks.
  3. NBDensie

    Andy Russell Gunwale paint

    After talking to 3P Paints... They do supply it, but delivery to where we live (Cambridgeshire) would cost £38 for a £10 1L tin. Apparently it may be available from some chandleries in the Northwich area.
  4. NBDensie

    Andy Russell Gunwale paint

    Under "Paint Sales" it says Sorry, service no longer available
  5. Our gunwales were painted with Andy Russell Gunwale Black paint. We need to do a few touch-ups. Andy Russell's website says that it is no longer available from there. Is it available anywhere else? If not, can anyone suggest a suitable alternative? Many thanks.
  6. NBDensie

    Wireless Router with decent aerial & battery?

    We have a Huawei E5577. It is fast with a reasonable battery life and twin external aerial ports. We stick a magnetic aerial on the roof and pass the cable through a mushroom vent down to the galley worktop so that the router can stay permanently connected avoiding any damage or wear to the aerial connector.
  7. NBDensie

    Angled stove flue roof collar

    To complete the thread - the old wooden wedge has been replaced by a new hardwood one to the same design.
  8. NBDensie

    Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    That is very much the policy now - hence Northampton, Pelsall, Ilkeston and next year's St Neots. The problem in the less favoured areas is finding a location with enough usable canal bank to moor 100+ boats and the space for an event attracting 1000's of people close enough to the transport/carparking/towns to ensure sufficient visitors. Another important requirement is the support of councils and other local organisations.
  9. NBDensie

    Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    Good point. However the number of stalls is determined by the site and the occupants are those who apply. I dont believe the absence of bits, bobs and basic chandlery sellers is the result of any policy, it's simply that they dont apply. From personal observation there are fewer around these days, any that disappear aren't being replaced.
  10. NBDensie

    Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    I wonder, did those complaining actually go to the Northampton, Pelsall and Ilkeston festivals? The reality is that there are decreasing numbers of people with the interest and time to go to such events. Many of the boaters active in the past are no longer on the water and there havent been sufficient new people taking up the lifestyle. This isnt just a boating problem. As people active in local societies whether it's nature groups, craft societies, sports clubs etc are finding, the memberships are dwindling and the committees are getting smaller and older. The facebook generation seem to have little interest in communal activities.
  11. NBDensie

    Angled stove flue roof collar

    Many thanks for all the useful ideas, it seems that one way or another we will be able to get something that looks good. I have passed them onto our painter who is also investigating someone who can make aluminium collars. Once we have an agreed solution I will add the information to the thread.
  12. NBDensie


  13. Has anyone any idea as to how we get can create a vertical chimney for our narrowboat? The roof collar was supported on a wooden wedge which is now disintegrating. It seems that the angled cast iron ones one sees on some boats are bespoke. Does anyone know who may be able to make one? Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. NBDensie

    EA v CRT

    Perhaps the age and historic status of the structures may have a little to do with the comparison. The Thames locks are fairly modern, well designed and solidly built, which they have to be on a river. The canal locks are often none of these. Surely a better EA/CRT comparison should be with the Severn or Trent locks.
  15. Had an excellent meal in the Terrazzo on Thursday, we all chose the lobster ravioli. It really is very good - a serious restaurant, not a pizza place or a fast food chain. 3 course meal for 4 including drinks cost around £30/head, so not outrageously expensive, in my view very reasonable for the quality of food.

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