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  1. I agree completely with the principle. Now all I need is an expert - any recommendations for one that covers the East Midlands? Cost is not a major issue. However implementation is beyond my experience.
  2. Given the number of things that could go wrong I would be very grateful for any recommendations for someone in the Rugby or Braunston areas who could sort it all out
  3. IWA do hold a "Festival of Water" every year as a cut-down National. Locations have included include Pelsall on the Wyrley & Essington, Northampton, Saul, St Neots, the Erewash, Waltham and most recently Worcester The intention is to choose the outreaches. However feasiblity is limited by the need for a suitable space (eg council-owned park or common) to hold the event and sufficient moorings for up to 100 boats.
  4. Thanks all for your comments..... To answer one point: I have greased the the stern gear with silicone grease through the grease point every 6months-year. Based on your comments, my current thoughts on what to do next...... 1) I need to get the boatyard to recheck that the new engine mounts are appropriate for my engine. Engine mounts specifically stated to be suitable for an Isuzu 35 are available and look like my old ones. The new mounts look different. 2) The engine alignment should be rechecked. 3) Whether a coupling is right for water lubricated stern gear ("cutlass bearing"?) and what sort is open to question. Since the boat worked perfectly well without any stern gear leaks for 10 years with no coupling I think I wont pursue it. 4) I am not clear whether incorrect mounts could cause the increased noise levels and the change in tone. I now find the boat unpleasant to drive so need to do something. Perhaps get the mount situation confirmed first. 5) No one has suggested getting the stern gear checked - perhaps the rubber shaft seals and the prop/bearings should be checked for wear? Hopefully this can be done withoiut taking the boat out of the water.
  5. Recently we have had problems with engine vibration and gearbox "rattle" on our Isuzu 35 powered narrowboat. The local boatyard found that the engine was mis-aligned and the mounts were in poor condition. These were replaced. This seems to have cured the vibration and rattling problems. However, since then the engine has sounded louder and rougher. Previously in deep water and low revs it "purred" not much louder than a car engine. Walkers on the towpath had asked whether the boat was electric! I cant see that happening now. Do new mounts take a while to bed-in or should I look elsewhere for a solution? Note that we have Vetus water lubricated stern gear. When new it did not leak at all but for some years, prior to the vibration problems, it has leaked about a tablespoon (15ml) of water a day. Now it is leaking about 1litre/day, but only leaks when the prop is turning.. I was hoping that stopping the vibration would improve matters but it didnt. Any links to the vibration or is it probably simply a matter of replacing the rubber seals? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  6. 4 years ago Densie was blacked with 2-pack. Since then the colour has steadily got lighter and now the hull is a white/silver colour though it's black when wet. Is this normal? Is this a problem? The coating looks solid with no signs of rust and minimal rubbing. The only downside is that I have had comments to the effect that it looks like it isnt cared-for. Do people normally cover their 2-pack with regular blacking? Many thanks for any thoughts/comments or suggestions.
  7. If it's just to keep the batteries topped up wouldn't a small solar panel with an appropriate controller be sufficient? That is what we used last winter when we could not get to the boat for about 4 months and it worked very well. Personally I would be nervous about keeping a boat powered from the mains unattended for a long period.
  8. Some hire boat companies use Isuzu 35s. I pick up filters for my Isuzu 35 when passing Anglo Welsh at Great Haywood or ABC at Gayton Marina.
  9. I bought a solar battery charger to keep the batteries going during the winter. The panel is wired into the controller which is wired to the battery terminals. To make setup and removal easier I would like to put an unpluggable connector on the cable between the panel and the charger. The right thing for the job seemed to be an Anderson connector which seems to be what caravanners use.. However I cannot see how to connect the cable to the terminals which in turn plug into the connector. They seem to be made of solid stainless steel or perhaps aluminium so there is no way they can be crimped to the cable. Any ideas? Can one buy terminals which can be crimped? Are there other connectors which will do the job? MJany thanks.
  10. Our macerator loo was pretty scaled up. The saniflo recommended descaler - phosphoric acid (IIRC) worked very well. We had previously just been using vinegar but I dont think its sufficient in the long term.
  11. Another non-boat one.... In my childhood I was very interested in science. One cold evening in my bedroom kept warm by an old fashioned single bar 1kW electric fire I decided to check whether the element was magnetic........
  12. We have a manual change over valve switching between 2 bottles. It has been working fine for the past 14 years. Today there was no supply from bottle 2, but bottle 1 worked fine. As I knew bottle 2 wasn't empty. I swapped the gas lines around so that bottle 2 was connected to the bottle 1 side of the change over valve. It worked. However bottle 1 connected to the bottle 2 side did not. So something wrong with the valve. Is there anything I can do other than getting someone with gas permissions to fix it? Is this a common problem? Thanks
  13. Thanks Tony, that is very reassuring and with the caveat of over-high voltages there should not be a problem. From Cuthound's reply I dont see that as likely. I am hoping that higher quality AGMs will suit our useage pattern rather better than Midland Chandler's special offer wet batteries, and will require less frequent replacement, especially now that we are losing the strength and confidence to manhandle 25 kg boxes into a rather confined space. It seems worth trying them. When out we run the engine every day and in the marina would hope to recharge perhaps once a month. However this year lock-down meant we were not allowed on site until July.
  14. I have not bought the AGMs yet and was hoping to resolve issues before being surprised by them. The boatyard suggested that it did not matter much, but some web pages disagree. Perhaps there are particular brands where it's a problem.
  15. I am planning to replace my knackered 3 year old domestic batteries with AGMs. I guess they are knackered from being left undercharged for 6 months during last winter and lock-down as we are careful not to allow them to allow them to drop to a low voltage in normal use . Mostly they are charged from a 120 Amp alternator but occasionally from a Victron invertor/charger. I am hoping that AGMs will suffer less whilst not in use. Do I need to change the alternator or the Victron in any way? I am getting different stories. The Victron manual states that the charger default settings are OK for their own AGM batteries but doesnt comment on other brands. However some web pages give dire warnings. Many thanks
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