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  1. I wouldnt rely on using the Rochdale to get to Leeds in Summer 2016 from Lancs.
  2. We use old wonder wipe containers. Bright red in colour. Cut the bottom out and they go straight over the pins. Google "Wonder Wipes", other brands available in bright yellow.
  3. Going thru a mushroom vent does the grease not sit on the roof around the vent?
  4. My bet as a past Skipton home moorer of 2 years and a fellow Yorkshireman. Got West. Take in Gargrave either on your way west or east. You should get to Foulridge and wind either just before the tunnel or after. If you have time get down to the top of Bingley. Wind just above the 5, on your way back. You can take in Skipton the day you take the boat back.
  5. Darren72

    1.5 breather

    My engine breather doesnt have a pipe leading to the air box as recommended by some. I have an history of a mist coating on my engine which I presume is coming from the open breather. NO I dont have too much oil in the engine. Does connecting a pipe to the air box result in blue smoke from the exhaust? Can I not just connect a pipe from the breather to a container to collect the oil so I can monitor the loss? Plus connecting a pipe to the air box surely will clog the filter?
  6. When pulling ones boat in with a rope to aid mooring, while you have said rope in ones hands and stood on the tow path. Should lycra clad brigade stop and allow you to get your boat in or should they just ting ting and expect you to stop what you are doing. NO in my eyes. If I am pulling my boat in for what ever reason I have the right of way. The path is there for me the boat user, not for cyclists to race past. Surely any boater who is tending to his boat with a rope in his hand has priority to any other path users.
  7. That time of year and on the stretch from Gargrave to Bingley where you will find a majority of the bridges am sure it will be busy enough to rely on hire boats/day boats. On the previous mentioned stretch you will find about 10 day boats in operation and 3-4 hire bases with a approx total of 30 hire boats. Plus the owners. You wont have to wait long for help.
  8. Any ideas why it would leak following been dry run for a while.
  9. Our pump has been running accidently dry. Possibly for 1-2 hours. It now seems to be leaking slightly. Ive looked at it and I cant identify the part. Its a clear round part where water circulates inside it.
  10. Try Howdens. Branches all over. Its mainly trade but you will get served.
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