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  1. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good electrician near Milton Keynes please? Kind Regards Adam
  2. whilst this is all very interesting, it's not really answering the original post...
  3. Thanks Wotever, I'm seriously considering removing the cratch board, cover and front cratch 'windows'. Just to give me a completely empty space to build on. The cratch cover is getting to the stage where it would need replacing anyway and I don't really benefit from it - other than keeping the rain off my trolley and diesel can. An open area with some waterproof seating, either fixed or folding appeals...
  4. Hi Ian Yeah, that's going - and I'm moving to a new marina soon where I won't be under trees!
  5. Hi All, I'd like to rip apart my existing well deck and re-build it much better and I'm struggling to find ideas on t'internet, especially with photos or diagrams. I like to sit out on my well deck when the weather's good, I have no real need for storage and I'd like seating for guests. I'm pretty good at DIY and would welcome some suggestions (with photos or diagrams if possible). The photos here show my current well deck. It is 4 feet from front to back. As you can see, I have a small diesel tank on the starboard side which can't be moved. On the port side there is a storage locker with 'seating' on top, but I'd like to rip this out. Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated. Many thanks Adam
  6. Hi Tom, Yes, I would say 3/8" or 15mm. I've attached a photo of the water pipe, although it doesn't say the size - looks like 15mm to me though...
  7. Thanks Ex Brummie (I am also an ex-Brummie - Knowle and Solihull, if that counts!) So, are you saying that all I need to do is attach a pipe? How would I get the flow started? Sorry if I'm sounding like an idiot...
  8. Ok, further advice required please... If I buy a tank like this, say the 30-litre version: http://www.marinesuperstore.com/engine-accessories/fuel-tanks-lines/hulk-portable-fuel-tank ...it has a fuel outlet on the top with a diameter of 8mm. What kind of extra equipment do I need to get the fuel from this outlet to my stove? These kind of tanks are mostly used for outboard motors which will, presumably, automatically 'suck' the fuel from the can but my stove won't do that. One thought... as the fuel tank will be situated higher than the inlet to the stove, then once a flow is established, surely it will continue. like a syphon? I'm not an idiot (really, I'm not!) but without seeing one of these tanks in action, I don't understand how the fuel comes out of the top of the tank. I'm really keen to sort this out this month, so if anyone can offer some advice on what I will need to buy to get the fuel from this outlet, along a relatively short pipe and into my stove, I would be very grateful
  9. Hi Cuthound... yep, I'll get the main tank seen to at some point. My limited research into that has discovered that it's quite expensive but I'll have to bit the bullet at some point...
  10. I see what you mean... A pump, plus filter might work. I'll look into it.
  11. Hi Frank Thanks for the suggestion but the problem I have is that my fuel tank is full of crap. This doesn't affect the engine as the fuel filter takes care of that. But fitting a small pump on the feed line to my stove won't solve this problem. It will still drag through rubbish that will block the line or water from the condensation in the tank. I really think by best option is a separate tank. If I can get this small, cheap tank fitted safely, I can easily ensure good quality fuel is getting to my stove... Cheers, Adam
  12. Thanks. Did that but they are either over-priced antiques or too small, most being only 4-10 litres...
  13. With my Rinnai, I have to hold the ignition button in for a good 15 seconds before the pilot light catches and stays on. 35-40 seconds seems a little long to me, but then it's a different brand so I'm not sure if that's about right or not....
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