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  1. The BMEEA code of practice and ISO 10133 recomend the use I tri rated cable for starter motor and alternator cables, of which 35mm would definately be to small for the starter motor. Welding cable is perfectly acceptable. Hope that helps.
  2. Sounds like by the description of the presstudded sleeve that you have a barrus shire/shanks engine, these sleeves are unique to these engines and are only available from them as far as I know.
  3. Might be worth speaking to a hire base that still run these boats as they will tell you what it is.
  4. Have had one for three years, (liveaboards) so plenty of use. Macerator been no problem, seat fittings and fixtures very poor though, had to strip the macerator to remove the broken buffer pads that fell of the seat and went in, found that to be very well made and quite scary. (You certainly wouldn't put your fingers near it when it was working).
  5. Definately put the earth lead on. Depending on output, ring terminals normally 5mm. The other thing to remember is if your not using the 3rd output, put a link to one of the others. (A lot of people seem to forget).
  6. Locktight 572, designed for LPG in its liquid form, works brilliantly with diesel and unleaded under high pressure, bit pricey though.
  7. As someone who works on these engines frequently (if it is a 4 pot shire), they can be a right pain, depending if it is a tnv or a tne model the belt is a an odd cross sectional size and a critical measurement, a standard automotive belt of the same length will not fit, I have tried! The adjuster set up is quite strange and very fiddly with very little adjustment and some times requires removing the domestic alternator to do the job. I do know that the chandlery at Nantwich canal centre normally stock this belt. Hope this is of some help and they get sorted.
  8. We were there and it was a good very well organised weekend, with a lot of local interest.
  9. RevCedd, I would suggest you contact Chas Hardern (hire boat company on the shroppie at Beeston) I know he frequently does three month hires.
  10. As an MCA Boatmaster may be I could offer you some advise. It may be worth contacting Richard Snape at the MCA office in Liverpool 0151 931 6600 to clarify the regs you need to comply with, or contact Malcolm Allcard at the Boatmaster centre 0845 409 7062 as he does all the MCA training and knows the regs inside out and could give you the difinitve answer. As an aside, if I wasn't working I would of loved to do this trip with you, but will look for you coming past my mooring. I wish you all the beast for the trip and hope everyone enjoy's it. Andy B
  11. Be carefull if you get an automotive thermostat, even though they look the same, they tend to have a higher opening temperature than a marine one.
  12. I would say from the wiring colours, and layout, definately eberspacher control box. Have had to rebuild a few due to fuse holders dissolving when fitted in damp conditions (engine bay).
  13. andyb116

    Peugeot Project

    We have just taken an XUD engine out of a boat, it had a PRM 150 box on it with a proper manufactured adapter plate on it (not home made) and the engine was marinised properly, so the bits must be available. A word of warning though, the engine was a 2.1 90hp on a 2 to 1 box in a 60ft boat so never went above tick over as it was to powerful and revved to high.
  14. Allegedly, the reason that the first 2 bridges, (Hancock & netherton) have to be operated by CRT is because they are main ambulance routes. Whether this is fact I have no idea.
  15. Last time we went down we moored at hancocks swing bridge the day before going down the next morning, had no problems at all and could watch the bike racing at aintree race course from the canal. But we may of been just lucky, or they new my better half was from Bootle so stayed away.
  16. Junior, I wish them luck also, after all the hassle they've been through. Just need to see if he can start it, especially after his comment today, is there an app for remote starting a JP2. ??
  17. Greenlaw gone, the new owners moved on tonight.
  18. I find the Victron cable calc app very useful and accurate, worth downloading, and it's free. ,
  19. A strange thing is, if you buy a new engine and PRM 120 box from Beta, they tell you to put engine oil in it, but the PRM book that comes with it says use ATF!
  20. Even though the octane rating of LPG is greater than petrol, if the unit is dual fuel it will tend to use slightly more LPG than petrol, with a slight reduction in power. This is due to the engine having to stay tuned for petrol. However a unit set up purely for LPG will be the same/slightly better on fuel consumption and will have no power loss.
  21. Dave P, just for info 1kg of LPG is approx 1.9 litres. Hope that helps.
  22. When i questioned this with the man that wrote the BSS, he said that even though they don't like twin and Earth (vibration) it's not actually against the rules.
  23. Had this happen recently, bilge pump followed buy wet vac, followed buy fan blowing cool air through bilge, followed buy puppy training pads rolled up and fed down the access hole to absorb the rest. (Don't leave them in longer than 12 hours though). And finally the fire on full chat. , ( that was with 350 litres of water due to a split Calorifier).
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