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  1. I need a wiring diagram for a Lister Petter LPWS3. I am helping a friend who has just fitted a Lister Petter LPWS3 engine in his boat after the old Vetus engine failed. The new engine has done less than 200 hours from new as it came from a lifeboat. The company who supplied the engine supplied a basic control panel but no diagram. Anyone have the wiring diagram? I have managed to get the manual but the wiring diagrams are on later pages not included on any downloaded version I can find. Any help with a diagram would be greats the engine is nearly ready to power up.
  2. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Thought I’d give an update now it’s been over 6 months since I fitted the 4x new US2200 batteries. Just to say, the batteries are performing very well. As time has passed, they have actually got better. We’ve replaced the 240v fridge with a 12v Inlander and added another 100w solar (total now 400w) and beefed up the solar controller to battery cables. All I can say is that the previous woes of the 4x Halfords 115ahr are over. Over the summer, I’ve not needed to run the engine unless I need hot water when moored up for a few days. Even with the Mikuni running (it’s getting cooler now), inverter on and everything charging (phones,iPad etc), I’ve never seen the battery voltage drop below 12.25 volts under load. Even with a whole evenings TV (240v), the batteries never read below 12.4 in the morning. Any, suffice to say, they done the job for our boat. Hope this helps anyone thinking about fitting US2200 batteries. Yes, I know T105’s are very popular too but I chose US2200 as like to be a bit differently.
  3. Don’t think they had much choice. Our anodes were fizzing away so they wanted us out. It was voluntary to go though
  4. We had a great time in Salthouse Dock, being there for 4 weeks but were ready to leave in the end. We had an experienced commercial operator in a launch type boat to lead us across from Brunswick lock to Eastham lock. Boats were all safety certified, for the Manchester ship canal really but useful. We had to block off low skin fittings, that’s all. Life jackets of course. The crossing was fine but we had to wait outside Eastham lock for 1.5 hours with the wind picking up. A bit scary but we’re all fine. Five more went across safely yesterday too. Really glad we’ve done it as not many can say that on a narrowboat! Glad to be travelling again. Bye the way, the Manchester ship canal was easy. Just like a river really. Followed the oil tanker guided by two tugs, back and front, down the canal. It was 119 metres long!
  5. We have crossed the Mersey late Friday afternoon in a convoy of 5 boats. Now on the Shropshire!
  6. It’s been spoken about in hushed tones...depends if we can get past the C&RT sentries! Actually we think it’s great and so sorry you missed out. Big change of plans this summer but we live aboard so not too worried and it’s a cheap way of living in Liverpool
  7. Just to add to this post. We are one of the boats marooned in Salthouse Dock, Liverpool. Two weeks and counting. Not getting bored as spending time watching my anodes fizz. It’s actually very nice here. Plenty to do and see in a great city and moored on a secure mooring with facilities. However, we have organised an escape committee as we don’t want to stay for the winter! To be fair C&RT are being very helpful. Please don’t mention the logo ha ha!
  8. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Your absolutely right. Perhaps I was being too picky on the (moaning!) post. There are some very knowledgeable people on here (yourself and others) who I can learn more from and appreciate the good advice. I will ignore the unhelpful comments. I sometimes even wonder is some advising even have a boat! I have no intention of ‘rubbishing’ my new batteries. I have bought a decent hydrometer with temp adjustment as I believe the only totally reliable test is the cell SG. With the quick release caps and easy accessibility, I can check the SG often. I have the software fit the Victron solar controller so can make sure absorption charge is long enough. Thanks again for the help and advice
  9. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Of course I understand amp hours. It’s just the way I abbreviated it. The BMV shows amp hours used since last fully charge. The BMV assumes full charge with a tail current if 2% (I set this to 2% from default 4%) There’s a lot of negativity in this forum making assumptions people don’t understand voltage, amps, amp hours. Sometimes it’s just a mid type and sometimes people don’t read the original post properly! The original question was how long to get new batteries to maximum capacity (cycles). I’ve spent a year or more studying every aspect of battery maintenance and fully understand all the technical terms. I’ve read plenty of posts that standard leisure batteries are not heavy duty enough so I’ve upgraded to 6v semi traction batteries like knowledgeable people advice so why’d everyone trying to rubbish everything I say!
  10. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    I have a switch between the panels and solar controller
  11. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Thank you for some good advice. We are off next week with the new batteries fitted. I will reset the BMV and keep daily notes of amps used and morning rested voltage (I can switch solar panels off easily). I’m soon to fit another 100w solar. Anyway, the US2200 upgrade only cost £150 in the end after a refund on the Halfords and I did have 18 months from them. Thanks again I already have a Victron BMV. It was 90-100 amps. I can switch solars off easily. I turn off inverter and wait a while, perhaps not one hour
  12. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Its the law you know. Once you have Halfords batteries, you have to try three sets to win your money back!
  13. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    No. its now me. Even with a lifetime with BT and my own security company (12v systems), I clearly have no understanding whatsoever about 12 volt systems. Well, we both don't it seems! At last! Someone else who had the same problem. Did you upgrade to better batteries?
  14. Rob99fla

    New batteries

    Haha! Probably right Nothing. In fact, got rid of microwave. Changed the 240v fridge for a new one of slightly lower consumption.
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