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  1. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Some people even try sticking the red diesel nozzle straight into their car/van and expecting us to start the pump!
  2. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Given that police vehicles are fitted with ANPR and many towns also have ANPR cameras dotted about it is still a mystery how this is possible
  3. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Nothing more than curiosity. I just find it humorous that people go to the effort of creating a story about why they want to buy red diesel (even though they don't need to) only to be seen pouring it into their car at the nearest lay-by. Of course it helps not to get your car MOT'd if you want to do that, and therefore you're unlikely to be taxed and since any insurance is likely to be invalid as a result there's not much point paying that either. Some of these vehicles have been doing this for at least the 18 months that they have been visiting the outlet that I work at and I just wonder how they continue to get away with this when I'm sure if my MOT lapsed I'd barely get a mile up the road without getting nicked.
  4. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Last year there was a government consultation on the use of red diesel. I know a few boaters who responded.
  5. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status https://ownvehicle.askmid.com/
  6. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Interestingly an outlet I am familiar with that has a canalside pump and "forecourt" pump sells 10x more diesel to people claiming it as plant than for boat use. This isn't guesswork, that is according to the pump logs. Interestingly a proportion of those "plant" sales go into drums into diesel cars/vans that do not have valid MOT/TAX or insurance.
  7. 240v Socket with USB - Work with invertor?

    I fitted mains/USB sockets on our boat 5 years ago and they worked with the 20 year old MSW inverter, a cheap chinese "PSW" inverter and our current inverter which is a heavy, expensive, PSW inverter. We rarely use them when off the mains but since we're hooked up 99% of the time they are very useful and these days they don't really cost much more than a normal socket.
  8. Where to put the telly?

    Yes - sorry - frozen fingers
  9. Where to put the telly?

    We have a 40" TV screwed to our plywood walls - it's been living there happily for 5 years and endures the violent rocking from side to side employed when pumping the toilets out. We used a hefty bracket and has about 12 screws holding it up.
  10. Marina Plans, Milton Keynes

    I wonder when it will be open? I know they've started ground works in that area.
  11. Real Ash T&G flooring

    I'm considering bamboo flooring for when we do ours. I got some samples sent and it is extremely tough. https://simplybamboo.co.uk
  12. Where to buy working boats

    Not sure - it was tied up against another boat but I didn't see the For Sale sign that it has previously adorned.
  13. Where to buy working boats

    I believe Richard still has Tadworth - I saw him on it near Fenny Lock (GU) last week.
  14. I did mine with this - brilliant stuff! I don't remember it having much in the way of fumes. I put it in a spray bottle, sprayed it on, rubbed it over with a washing up brush, rinsed then sucked the water out with a wet n dry vac.
  15. Mildew under mattress

    We had exactly the same problem. Ended up buying slats like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-Double-Bed-Size-Slats-Bed-Slats-For-Replacement-4FT-121-5-cm/221364383996?hash=item338a5870fc:g:028AAOxydlFS6WRg and placing those on 3 full length 2"x2" softwood (which i varnished) runners https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Whitewood-PSE-44-x-44-x-2400mm/p/9000036452 which on turn are raised slightly off the plywood base. You could use treated runners I suppose.