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  1. So I have a couple of 5 year old versions of this and when I replace them these should be OK as rated for travel? https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-angel-co-9d-carbon-monoxide-alarm/?fGB=true&gclid=CjwKCAiAmO3gBRBBEiwA8d0Q4hJNKdzxzl84AUM-0-mEIMYDCo5U9RhdFR_GudTLTzx244JXG4o6dBoC7lwQAvD_BwE
  2. Psycloud

    Smart phone battery

    Apple replaced mine at 88% for £25 on Monday. It doesn't need to be below 80%, just say it's not lasting a day and they'll do it. Mine seems to last forever on a charge now compared to when it had 88% capacity.
  3. Psycloud

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    I grew up in Hogpits Bottom (Flaunden).
  4. Psycloud

    Central heating webasto

    I bought a recon for from an eBayer in Poland for £400 5 years ago and it's run perfectly ever since. Sometimes it's just not worth f'ing about with really old ones.
  5. Psycloud

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    Jeremy Vine show is covering it right now.
  6. Psycloud

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    You'd have thought that since the introduction of ANPR on the roads that tax, MOT and insurance dodging would be a thing of the past but every day I see cars on the road that are SORN and have no MOT insurance. In some cases the same cars have been doing this for several years.
  7. Psycloud

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    I put a sheet of perspex inside the glass last year and pinned it in, then realised I'd left the licence sandwiched between the glass and the perspex. It still says 2017. On the other side I remembered to take the licence off before fitting the perspex so that side displays 2018. Currently 2017 faces the towpath - I wonder if I'll get an naughtyboy email.
  8. ? From Three's own site: Take a deep breath, you're about to dive into Lifetime and find out who's Britain's Next Top Model. And the big surprise twist is that you can watch it without using up your data. Because streaming TV shows is now infinite. Explore 100+ channels of live TV, including Dave, History®, Lifetime and Discovery anytime.
  9. I use it through a Firestick already with my phone as a hotspot. It’s doesnt matter what the device is as long as the data comes from Netflix servers.
  10. Saw this the other day and decided to go for it as we've started using Netflix and Deezer a fair bit. Three are offering 40Gb mobile broadband Sim only for £16 per month including Go Binge so streaming from Netflix doesn't come out of the allowance. I had to phone them because I couldn't manually enter my address, and they gave it me for £14 a month. Admittedly it's a 24 month contract but for the price I couldn't find anything better. Might be useful for others with heavy streaming requirements. http://store.three.co.uk/view/searchTariff?priceplan=&deviceType=SIM_ONLY_MBB&greatForServices= This includes tethering by the way,
  11. Psycloud

    Don't try this

    Just did some googling and the average person can jump around 7'6" from a standing start or 10' from a running start - you'd definitely not want to be faltering at the jump point to clear a narrow lock comfortably
  12. Psycloud

    Living With Radiators

    Our diesel boiler (5kw) heats 4 rads and a calorifier and doesn't make the radiators so hot that you'd burn yourself unless you held your hand with full pressure on them for ages. Even a small person wouldn't do this as as soon as they felt the heat they'd remove their hands
  13. Psycloud

    How many anodes?

    For the same reason most boats aren't fully 2 packed from new I suppose - cost.
  14. I'm continuing to sort out the wiring in my engine bay and have successfully rewired the VSR to charge leisure first rather than starter, removed a pile of cables that had been left behind by previous owners adding/removing bits organically, added fuses where there were none, and isolators where I would like them - hoorah! The last thing I would like to do is add an isolator switch to the starter battery and am wondering what rating this needs to be. According to the Bukh manual the starter is: Gear Driven 1KW output. So, would that roughly translate to 1000/12 = 83amps, and is that continuous or is the cold crank current likely to be say double/treble to get it moving? The switch I was going to use is rated: Rated at 300A continuous (1 hour) at 48V DC and 1000A for 5 seconds. Thank you
  15. Psycloud

    Starter Battery

    Have you looked on Eurocarparts.com? I bought a Bosch S3 for my boat recently and with the code JULY70 (35% discount) got it delivered for about £100 (and that's a big battery). You can see the measurements on all the batteries and compare like Tony says. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770965&1&cc5_1004

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