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Boat fire at Willowbridge marina


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This morning a fire broke out on a old Dutch Barge on the hardstanding.

fire brigade and response vehicles in attendance.

No one hurt, but was a castrafic fire for the very old Dutch Barge.

it looks to be a total Loss.

the fire took and is still taking a fair amount of time to be put out and made safe.

Marina and fire service seemed to have it all under control

the fire service is still on site






Photos taken after the fire flames were put out

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No damage to any others lady in Boat next door was got out the boat with her animals.

Rescue services were there very quickly, tho the fire was intense, it is total destroyed.

amazing how quick the fire took hold, took the fire services a while to put out.

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57 minutes ago, bigcol said:

Rescue services were there very quickly, tho the fire was intense, it is total destroyed.

Crying shame for any boat a bad fire.  Glad nobody got hurt.

You might be surprised what can be done with them after a fire though - I know of quite a few boats (not all called Phoenix!) - that have had a complete rebuild after a serious fire.

And an old Dutch barge in good condition would be a prime candidate for that ... an overplated Springer might not be.

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This boat suffered a similar fate ; interesting that judging by its name the owner must have had a crystal ball.

Looking for offers around £2000


Warmglow Built by Methley Bridge Boaty - Length : 15.24 metres ( 50 feet ) - Beam : 2.08 metres ( 6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft : 0.01 metres ( 0 feet ). Metal hull N/A power of 38 HP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 513652 as a Powered Motor Boat.  ( Last updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 )



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