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Can anyone recommend a suitable engineer/mechanic who could help us rebuild/overhaul our Lister HR2 air-cooled twin-cylinder engine - preferably in situ in our Northwich? We are in N London, based on the Regents Canal, but would move her to the right person for the job. We are a charity running a community boat.


Thanks in anticipation.rolleyes.gif



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I presume this is Tarporley?


I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend RLWP (Primrose Engineering) who has posted on this thread already.


To the OP, i know where your mooring is, so could you sort Richard out a parking space for his visit? This might persuede him that visiting London wouldn't be such a nightmare.


If for some reason you can't arrange anything with Richard for whatever reason, I'd also recommend John Pattle who is at P&S Marine in Watford. I don't think he'd go into London but some of your Skippers/Crew might enjoy taking the boat up to Watford.

He does - and working in London is a nightmare!



Richard, Tarporley has an off-side mooring at Kings Cross on the corner of Battlebridge Basin, opposite the Canal Museum. If they can't sort you out with a parking space for a visit, maybe Tim Lewis of this parish could sort you out at the Canal Museum. They could pole the boat across if the engine isn't working.

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