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  1. I think the cuttings on the SU are amazing - lots of kingfishers last autumn. T&M has different attractions - Harecastle (watch your head) Potteries, MIddlewich Kings Lock chippy etc.
  2. There’s an ok pub as you approach the pools. Didn’t stop overnight though.
  3. How about replacing tunnel information boards with ones you can read from a boat and making sure they are not hidden in the undergrowth?
  4. If you want to walk into Blackburn I’d recommend the old wharf with the Caribbean restaurant. Quite safe.
  5. So is it as cursory as that needed for the Diamond Jubilee Pageant? We were instructed to obtain 2 buckets in case we needed to bail out our boat! Despite showing them the bilge pump!
  6. How do you get a seaworthiness certificate for a Narrowboat?
  7. Locking down at city road many years ago after a long hot day. My colleague was steering and shouted. I tried to drop the bottom gate paddle but it’s the one you can only wind down. Result - rudder off the skedge. Fortunately we were able to get into city road basin and moor up. Took a heavy lifting tool and 4 of us several hours to replace the rudder on the skedge. not recommended
  8. Some local councils have a free associated fridge collection service - mine did. Got rid of 3. Outside front door - so that means at the bridge hole I guess if on the cut. Also, if it is serviceable( ???) try gumtree or freecycle
  9. The Wolverhampton 21 are hard work - with jammed anti-vandal locks and the odd faulty paddle. Only saw one other boat end of April when we went up and down the visitor mooring at the top is next to a very open park near the ring road, better to go into the old FMC basin which now has a small outside bar - in April it closed by 10. Room for 2 boats there.
  10. Community care was about saving money and trying to deinstitutionalise the asylums. We now have people living in less than ideal ‘supporting people’ flats, isolated from others due to their social dysfunctional behaviours visited by the overworked mental nurse or social worker. Are their lives any better? At least this chap has some social contact with boaters like (y)ourselves. Mostly impoverished lives
  11. Agreed i train steerers to give an 8 second long blast at blind bends etc and 2 short ones to pass on the wrong side (and the latter when leaving a tunnel if required). We pass a lot of trip boats between Camden and Little Venice and they understand and respond in kind. Once one of my steerers didn’t and hit a trip boat who also hadn’t at Cumberland turn.
  12. We hired from them in 2005 - they had a car mechanic we called to meet us at the first lock some miles from the boatyard.
  13. They were also called BW keys in the days of British Waterways.....
  14. Don't forget the CurlyWyrley. Nice and quiet, if a bit weedy. An unusual pub with no bar counter near the Walsall end - can’t remember its name. Anyone know the one I mean?
  15. midnight cowboy

    midnight cowboy

  16. Please contact me off group tony.bowyer@camdencanals.org thanks
  17. Barry did he crew on Tarporley in her Camden Council days?.
  18. I can remember hamming it up and not getting thru to Limehouse because I had switched to the US frequency! They finally phoned us!
  19. To be fair he doesn’t claim to be any good at boating and defers to Sheila. I think they are sleeping aboard like Tim And Pru did BTW Tim was quite good at hitting things despite his experience!
  20. Precisely what I had meant to say! I plan to go up to Llangollen from Nantwich last week of April
  21. The Wales.gov website suggests holiday lets might start BEFORE 12/4 so you should be able to go to your boat there
  22. I’ve been watching on all4 streaming. Sheila is great! Hope I can still steer etc like her when I’m late 80s! let’s get boating, overnight stays restart on 12 April!
  23. You used to be able to do limehouse to teddington with just a mobile phone - check the Pla website. as well as Paddington there are bookable moorings at Little Venice alongside the park -named after it - the name escapes me. enjoy your trip, it’s worth the effort
  24. Never used to have to book Anderton, but you do now and pay an admin fee- as they can’t charge licence holders for passage.
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