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  1. When you passed me at bridge 78 on the Coventry canal, I was tempted to shout out "You're going far to slow!! "
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Don't forget the price included the cost of the drive plate. The engineer said he was better off working for RCR than working for a large lorry firm he had left.
  4. I think I got good value for my money, paying £355.00 for the drive plate and fitting inc VAT. So RCR got £285 for the work done. (4 hours labour and driving to my spot). I will be renewing my retainer membership with them.
  5. Do those prices include fitting ?
  6. I was on the retainer with RCR, so any call outs repairs etc. to be paid for by me.
  7. How much should I have paid for the work that was carried out on Clarrie?
  8. 2nd drive plate in 7 years, I looked up when the last one was replaced. Cost from RCRfor the repair £355.00 inc VAT.
  9. Well, I'm keeping my membership. So they made a wrong decision about the gearbox, they admitted it and solved my problem.
  10. Well at least they fixed my boat which is better than the two other firms I contacted that said they would help but never turned up. And a spare boat
  11. Cheers Zen, after 2 days RCR turned up with the replacement gearbox, only to find out that it was the drive plate that was broken. Which was what I had suspected in the first place. So another 2 day passed and they fitted a new drive plate. All OK now elbows crossed.
  12. My moorings were at the Somerset Coal Canal, so only one gearbox
  13. How much should I pay for a refurbished gearbox and fitting?
  14. RCR, let's see if it's gearbox or drive plate. :)
  15. Gear box being fitted Tuesday, so fingers crossed.
  16. It was at Dundas water point on the K&A some time ago.
  17. Sadly I did experience some bullying from the captain as did his passengers.
  18. I expect the captain of the boat bullied his way onto a mooring.
  19. Would his electric oven really work? How long will the tiles stay on in the shower? How did he fix the engine that had been under water? How much did it cost to get the boat to Birmingham? How much are the council rates he should be paying? Nice to see the boat "The Cat that Walks by Himself". PS He seems to be a great lad, I wish I had his skills, no need for RCR with him about
  20. I saw the six council bins, and tried to use them but the gates were locked to gain access to them. Twice I asked politely two of the traders if I could use them but was told I could not as they were only for the traders use.
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