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Cruising the Broads................by road!

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We love the Norfolk Broads and as regulars will know we spent a lot of time there on our beloved Naughty-Cal as well as on a selection of different hire boats over the years. 


This evening we head off out on our first trip there by road in Milo, our little motorhome.


Now we don't expect to be trying out Milo's floating capabilities but we do expect to be spending plenty of time by the water and some time on it, and no doubt Sydney the dog will be in it.


So first obstacle out of the way. I managed to get Milo out of the tight driveway and onto the road without damaging it 🤣🤣🤣




Liam should be home from work any minute and then we will be hitting the road.

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First stop of the trip is Fosdyke Bridge on the River Welland and we have some stereotypically British weather to start the holiday.








I suspect the heating will be going on later although it's warm enough for now.


Got a homemade Shepherds pie to stick in the oven for dinner later.


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After a quick trip to Horning we have headed to our destination for tonight The Fur and Feather at Woodbastwick. 







We had a wander down to Salhouse Broad and were surprised just how quiet it was. 


As we were leaving a couple of Wherries entered the Broad. 




Now back at the pub for a couple of beers.




Looking forward to dinner later. The food coming out looks good. 



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8 minutes ago, robtheplod said:

Really pleased you like the broads - our local patch. I've been trying to fall in love with it, but since i discovered canals I find them a little samey.... :(

We love it down here. Had it been closer to home I suspect we would probably still have NC. 

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19 hours ago, robtheplod said:

Really pleased you like the broads - our local patch. I've been trying to fall in love with it, but since i discovered canals I find them a little samey.... :(


My local patch too. At least it was from age 0 to 17. Half a century ago now since I left but 3 of my 4 siblings are still there. We lived about 3 minutes walk from the river Bure though sadly it was in GY.


I had one hire holiday, way back in 1976, so I could see it from the water rather than from the shore and also a day boat about 10 years ago. Quite fancy another hire there but that's unlikely while I still own a narrow boat which I'm currently unable to use as much as I'd like.


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One thing we have discovered today is that we are travelling by road time not boat time. Everything is much closer together than we remember by water 🤣🤣


Its been a busy day.


First stop was Ranworth Staithe for breakfast. 






Then it was onto St Bennetts Abbey. 








Still with time to kill we called in at Potter Heigham. 






Before heading to tonight's stopover at the Reedham Ferry. 









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22 minutes ago, Naughty Cal said:

One thing we have discovered today is that we are travelling by road time not boat time. Everything is much closer together than we remember by water 🤣🤣


















Yes we commented on the very same when we pitched near Hickling in 2019.


We were about 5 mins by car to Stalham, which is how we ended up booking at Richardsons for 2020.


It would have taken hours by boat (even if we had been able to get under the bridge at Potter Heigham).

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Posted (edited)

Our day today started with a short ferry ride across the Yare.



Then it was onto Beccles to stock up on a few essentials from the supermarket. 




And then finally onto our destination Southwold. We have a couple of days off driving now. 


Our pitch here is huge. Just a shame the weather isn't suitable to sit outside. It's very blustery with thunderstorms on their way.












The dog is absolutely shattered. I think he will appreciate a quiet afternoon on the van this afternoon while we sit out the rain.


We have a couple of days here now before heading back to the Broads. 

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30 minutes ago, Silent Flight said:

Can’t beat the Ducato chassis for a motorhome imo!

Covehithe beach just above southwold is stunning if you have the time.

It is a cracking base vehicle. 


The 2.3 150hp engine pulls like a train. It felt a bit tight when we bought it at 10k miles but seems to be loosening up a bit and driving better for a few more miles on its back. Currently at 22k miles.


It handles well for a van. The wider back axle really helps and this particular model with pretty much a wheel in each corner and no daft overhangs seems to suit it well. It's quite nippy and agile. No race car mind, just nimble for a van 🤣🤣🤣

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It was a morning walk on the beach with the dog.






Before walking into town to do a bit of shopping. 






Then with the shopping decanted back on the van we had a walk along the harbour and to Walberswick. 






The Bell Inn beckoned for a quick couple of pints and then the short ferry ride back to Southwold Quay and the campsite.




Now back on the van watching the storms roll in again. Weather forecast is terrible for this afternoon and overnight but should clear up again in the morning. 


Tonight we have some smoked fish from the shack on the harbour front for dinner. Vans going to stink 🤣🤣🤣

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What a night that turned out to be. We had heavy rain and strong winds from 8pm until about 6am this morning. Sadly several pitches and their occupants were under water this morning. 


Our pitch is on a bit of a mound which kept us dry.


This morning we had a wander into town and a walk on the pier.






Did a spot of shopping and then back to the Harbour Inn for a couple of drinks. The weather dictated it was 3 drinks instead of 2.


Hope tonight's surf and turf is worth it. Had we not stopped at the shack for prawns we would have probably made it back dry. As it happens we got soaked. 






It is our last night here tonight. We move on tomorrow. A slight change of plans for tomorrow as the site we should be on is under water. So it is another night in Suffolk unexpectedly. Different town though.


Despite the weather we have really enjoyed our few days in Southwold but we are looking forward to being on the road again.


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On 03/07/2023 at 16:56, Silent Flight said:

Can’t beat the Ducato chassis for a motorhome imo!

Covehithe beach just above southwold is stunning if you have the time.

Agreed, so is the church, lovely stretch of coast line - and Dunwich, a favourite spot.............lots to see, Snape Maltings, and then onto Lavenham.......mind blowing.

10 hours ago, Naughty Cal said:

Surf and turf was worth the soaking 🤣🤣🤣



pleased you are enjoying it, excellent pictures, thanks.

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Another night in Suffolk tonight. We have found a nice spot in Aldeburgh for the night.


The weather is loads better today. Fish and chips weather sat on the beach better.


There has been plenty of walking involved again. The dog is shattered and fast asleep while we are grabbing a half hour chill out on the van.


















Back to Norfolk tomorrow. 

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Back into Norfolk today and our destination of Wroxham. 


We hired a day boat for a few hours and boiled ourselves and poor Syd!


















Now we are on our mooring at Landamores motorhome aire. Can't get much closer to the water. Loving watching the world go by with a few beers.






If I'm honest thought we would have enjoyed being on the water more than we did. As it was we both found it overly expensive for what it was. Probably won't bother next time!

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Our last night in Norfolk and we are staying at a beautiful little CL site in Middleton near King's Lynn called Westfield House. 


Beautiful spot ideally located close to the A47.












Only just over an hours drive home from here tomorrow. 


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Back home again now after a traffic free journey back from King's Lynn. 


Total Miles 426

Average MPG 28.2mpg


We were concerned we wouldn't enjoy this trip as much as we did by water. But we needn't have worried. It has been a great holiday. Much less stressful than by boat and we didn't need to be weather watching the whole time to pick a weather window to come home again.


We have visited our favourite places and managed to find parking for the van easily at them all.


The roads although narrow in places were fine for travelling with the van, much better than we expected. 


We look forward to going back at some point in hopefully the not too distant future. 

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