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  1. Very smart sea otter boat a few moorings from mine.
  2. Although understanding the similarity to 'Need a London mooring' posts, the OP did say around Manchester in the title @Mike the Boilerman. I'm hoping he is a fellow Manc who would like to know where a leisure boat could find a permanent mooring around the area. Welcome to the forum btw @Mr bumble Greater Manchester is a big place. Have a look on CaRT's http://www.watersidemooring.com site, within 20 miles of Manchester, currently there are 5 vacant moorings out of 111 and they are all out all out on the edge of that radius. They do come up though. Recently grabbed a short mooring about ten miles south in a favourite location, waited months for one like it to come up and was already paying for another further out. Register and select your preferred locations and you will get text and email alerts when one is available. Also remember that afaik always with CaRT, many field moorings and some marinas you will pay for the berth size. If your boat is shorter, it's no cheaper. For private/marina moorings off the top of my head, in Manchester itself, there's New Islington, then outside of town you've got amongst other places, Droylsden, Portland Basin, Hyde, Marple, New Mills, Furness Vale, Lyme View, Poynton heading south and the Rochdale and Huddersfield canals going north. Budget possibly £40-50/ft/yr for marina mooring in the Cheshire/Derbyshire area (farmer's field or CRT will be cheaper). Personally , I live too close to the madness of Manchester ('luv it though) to want a boat as close to home as possible, prefer being afloat out in the fields, yet still within a 'commute' drive or a few hours on the bike. Shouldn't even mention the possibility of the Bridgewater and licences from Peel Holdings. And as @mrsmelly says, cheap and boats definitely do not go together. With a small GRP boat like mine it is very easy to pay out far more than it is worth each year on fees; with a cheap colander of a steel project just keeping it from sinking can easily run into five figures. Understand the costs (our area isn't London prices thankfully), identify a mooring location and secure a berth, find a decent boat in your size and budget (GRP is a safe bet for leisure use) and have fun. Start cheap not too costly, small, decent and basic to start because a cheap very costly liability, nightmare of a major project can be a heartbreaker.
  3. Two old inflated tyres on rims. May be cheap and dirty but they do the job to keep a boat a few feet from the bank.
  4. Fenders still need to be adjusted according to each mooring spot. Moored up to some very low armco this morning and had to drop the fenders by about 9" for them to serve any useful purpose. Only a GRP cruiser but the same principle still applies.
  5. This sounds a near unique proposition so possibly the only really acceptable answer will be to get in touch with the business boating manager at CaRT with it. The hatch selling falls under roving trader with no footfall onto the boat, albeit there will be hygiene requirements etc for food. Plenty of ones already doing cakes, fudge, coffees etc about so is certainly possible, although perhaps not vastly profitable. The supper club however starts going into the cafe/restaurant arena so the OP really would need to run the proposition past the people who will or will not ultimately issue a licence and possible requirements. I don't know but this will definitely include speaking to CaRT, possibly council, appropriate insurance companies etc before committing to a venture that isn't viable or a boat that will not be suitable. I only know the canals round here but can't think of a boat that is very similar to that proposed. Possible movement of the boat (trip boat arena), half a dozen customers for an evening (parking issues) etc etc may all be hoops to jump through. We only have ideas of things to think about with this, only the powers that be or anyone with specific experience can offer properly informed advice.
  6. As with all boats. Imagine if you had to broadcast to strangers over VHF with your boat name; avoiding cheesy, suggestive and clichéd is always a good start. I like your idea of respecting your home town, lovely around there and great people but Whaley wanderer is all I got.
  7. Meths is also known as 'denatured alcohol' iirc. Pretty sure alcohol/meths stoves are one and the same. I cook on a trusty old Trangia camping stove, about as basic as they come, but it's served me well for 30 years of camping and small boating. The Origo stoves are one of the decent brands for boats I've seen but they don't come cheap!
  8. All of this ^^^^^ Last year we sold a decent running 1990 mid range builder, 60' well kept inside boat for £21k. It went within 24 hours because it was priced cheap. The boat being looked at by the OP is way overpriced. Springers have shown themselves to be decent boats, but they are not worth silly money (unless you give a few ply cupboards and the lining the 'London' look)
  9. This boat is obviously priced at more than 12k. Nice 'London' interior decor. No bow doors. Not a good idea. Hull, hull, hull, engine. Those two things are all that matter and if you can't check yourself then you need a surveyor. Opinions on the 'looks' count for nothing unless you know the state of those on a boat of any age.
  10. Congratulations Rob. Sounds to be a great boat. Not on the the mech/tech side of things to check on the boat as such (you seem to have covered the ones i could think of) but just making sure that the cruising inventory has all the things you would want there to hand. iirc you've been a share owner so know the ropes well enough to know what you'd like to have on a boat. Decent ropes, windlass, mooring spikes, CRT key, handcuff key, spare red 12v electric key, is there/do you need a gangplank, a boat pole, hook, goat chains etc? Better to realise beforehand that something you would like isn't there, before you set off, rather than halfway through the day when you find you wouldn't just like it but really need it.
  11. News says in addition to pumping they are now using a Chinook to drop bags of aggregate onto the dam and blocking feeder watercourses. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-49201467 If Toddbrook res is being drawn down and repair is going to be a major civil engineering undertaking, it won't be a like a one week lock-gate repair. Without a feeder the locks would empty the stretch. So that 'on-going' bit for lock closures sounds as though it will be quite a while unless they have a serious trick up their sleeve. Today's weather is decent for the area so hope the sun brings some hope to Whaley's residents and those further down.
  12. At a rough guess anyone have an idea how many boats would be on that stretch at the moment? Furness, New Mills, Marple, Lyme View marinas and then down to Bosley plus all the moorings at Poynton etc. Loads more permanents moorers plus everyone else in the area temporarily on top of those numbers. There'll be a fair few hire boats caught too. Just hope that the nature of the dam means that despite it looking awful with panels gone and loss of soil beneath, there is still sufficient mass of earth left there and overspill can be kept away from that part. Can but keep fingers crossed for those who are affected but surely this should now start a debate about why it maybe wasn't the best idea to put major infrastructure in the hands of a charitable trust, require labour from volunteers and rely on for-profit contractors, glossy branding and funding from donations that cost just as much to raise. When you have 1.2 million tons of water sitting above a small town, you have a moral responsibility to protect those people. Perfect combination of a CaRT reservoir, with their canal and a river very close by and only a matter of feet below it. Monsoon torrential rains in the area on top and it's a nasty combination. Was it last month they announced a million ish for dredging the Upper Peak as one of their major projects? Yes, that is desperately needed but sadly that kind of money is just fiddling around at the edges of the kind of work overall that needs to be undertaken to keep a 200+ year old network functioning and maintain its heritage status.
  13. From thenBBC report 'Duncan Fife lives on top of the reservoir in the old Reservoir Keeper's house, said: "We have been telling them for years that the spillway has been clogging up with plants trees and weeds. Just now they are starting to clear it. Why don't they maintain it?"'
  14. Just been over to High Lane and driving back the heavens opened again about an hour ago around Disley and Marple. Was chatting with a guy who had gone down to the cruising club to check his boat. He said he was also a member of the sailing club at Toddbrook. This was just before they announced the part collapse of the dam and evacuation of the town. Guess his boating will be on the canal for the immediate future. The amount of water it is dropping is just insane. I bailed out about 150 litres (15 2 gallon buckets full) from the cockpit of mine earlier; that lot dropped yesterday alone. Just hope that everyone manages to keep safe and more major damage to property avoided.
  15. Didn't the rules change earlier this year with the CO detector in cabin requirements? If there is an outboard now and it has a cabin, even without gas or electrics, CRT's chart makes you have a BSS cert.
  16. no need to get someone to confirm it for some of us. Quite a horrible word, well known in the 70s playground. Sadly, it's being heard again. Language is fantastic but some words and their prejudices should be consigned to the bin.
  17. Quite so. At a guesstimate 12 drums would hold up near 3 tons
  18. Carl, as you can see from the other thread about scruffy boats, I am certainly not a clonecrafter. I just don't like to see people who are already in dire straits expend their efforts and make small mistakes that can become major issues down the line. If the raft/pontoon design is to be used, all l I was suggesting was a lower, more triangular superstructure and an extra row of pallets/floats for a foredeck. The crux of my post remains the same, that 'A 'boat' like this may be someone's hobby or the only roof over their head, we don't know, but in either case only the most mean spirited person would wish to see someone's labours get trashed or them unable to comply with the cruising range their licence requires and so lose their boat and possibly home. I wouldn't, you wouldn't. '
  19. but Ra, Kon Tiki and Tigris were all thought out for purpose, and they weren't expected to shuffle up and down the cut. The shed shape shanty boat may be suited to the banks of American rivers but what range could a craft like that pictured cover on the canals without having trouble in a bridge? I don't know the area. Could it safely go far enough around there to comply with a CC licence? The same applies to the commercially constructed caravan on pontoon boats. The box on floats design just isn't great for the canals. I guess this self-build one looks higher than it actually is because it is relatively short (possibly lower than the shed on the narrowboat bow). If it has a mooring (betting not) or can cover sufficient range then okay fair play to the builder if it can be moved with adequate forward vision and control; if it's licensed, safe and isn't a hazard to other users then it's only their business how it looks. Besides bridges, I think one of the big risks here is that the bow of 70' of steel makes contact with the shed boat's vertical 'bow' wall and ends up in the 'cabin'. In the longer term it would be the integrity of the oil drums that would be worrying. That's thin steel at the waterline and replacing a compromised one wouldn't be easy. There is always some effort that has gone into making anything that floats and this thing wasn't knocked up in an hour. Whether for fun or from necessity, self-builds should at least endeavour to be fit for purpose and not, at the end of it, wasted time, money and energy for the builder. A 'boat' like this may be someone's hobby or the only roof over their head, we don't know, but in either case only the most mean spirited person would wish to see someone's labours get trashed or them unable to comply with the cruising range their licence requires and so lose their boat and possibly home. I wouldn't, you wouldn't. With the pontoon style craft where the floor level is a foot or more above the waterline, instead of below it as in a traditional narrowboat, there has to be a tradeoff if it is to be used on the canals. Narrower and probably lower at the roof (less box shed, more traditional cross sectional shape), a foredeck area and bow door would all help a craft like this to actually navigate without getting destroyed in the process.
  20. I don't get it. Love home builds, shanty style etc but any craft is supposed to be safe and fit for navigation and despite its short length this pontoon raft boat is way higher than a traditional boat. If it's on a mooring, no prob, never move. But, the addition of that cycle bit on the back suggests it will move. Not knowing the area, how far can it go without meeting a low bridge? It's not thought out as a boat at all. It's a shed, on a pallet base, on oil drums
  21. We can agree to differ on the boats, but I'll concur on how some boaters can abuse the towpath which is something that shouldn't be accepted. A BBQ and chairs for the afternoon is fine but not a backyard's detritus in the grass. A boat, after all, is supposed to be self contained and able to move at will. Crap on the roof, only your business. Crap on the towpath, everybody else's business too,
  22. Please tell us your affinity with the canals. I'm going to shoot myself in the foot because now you'll reveal you're fourth generation lock-keeper. But maybe, like most of us, you're not. I'm a middle aged guy who has enjoyed the canals since being a kid. I haven't got shed loads of cash to throw around. A canoe would be enough. I can just manage a small cruiser and the associated bills. I'm not the only person like that on the forum. Like townies moving to the countryside complaining of crowing sounds in the morning, some people buying a boat on the canal now, expect a line of clone 60/70' leisure boats. Ailsa Craig and Cressie and loads of thers would be booted off by these 'new guardians'
  23. nice, sly edit of post #20? this is a trolling wind-up, right?
  24. but you may. Sh!t happens and mooring next to your perfect palace won't bother me!
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